do you plant wheat grass? if you get it planted any day this week, it should be the perfect length by april 24th. instructions to plant wheat grass are simple…

  • use good soil.
  • fill your planter/pot/jar almost to the top with soil. i like to go about 1″ from the top. or, use a thin layer of soil. this is your choice – you do not have to have a lot of soil to grow the grass. i have had success using pots with drainage and without.



April 12, 2011

this is my new term for gardening. i technically don’t have a garden at this house. i’m not square foot gardening anymore. now a days, i pot. i grow flowers & tomatoes in pots on my back patio… why only flowers & tomatoes? because i have a serious obsession with fresh flowers. and, tomatoes because we love bruschetta around here. i make it all spring & summer with home-grown tomatoes + muenster cheese… seriously-to-die-for-delicious!

so, this past weekend… amongst a little rain, snow, and just enough sunshine to be outside…

i spent one afternoon potting.

my helper. she is still refusing to look at the camera for pictures – which is ok,


popping poppies

May 30, 2009

when i was a kid, i spent a good portion of my childhood living with my grandparents. my grandpa was an amazing gardener. he had a beautiful yard full of lush flowers, many native to the northwest. he also planted, cared for, and grew a gorgeous vegetable garden behind the methodist church he attended.

i loved spending time with him in both of these gardens.

one little trick my grandpa taught me as a kid was to take the dead poppy leaves, make a fist, hold the poppy over the top of my fist, then using my other hand to “POP!” the poppy.

this is one reason, i have always loved poppies.


blossoms in my kitchen

March 9, 2009

regardless of what the weather outside is going to do… snow, sunny, snow.

these plants that I fell in love with last year…

are keeping the romance alive.

twice this year, they have shared these lovely blossoms with me…the tiny star-shaped flowers are so unreal. their beauty is stunning.