christmas in the fairy garden!


Last weekend we had what is probably our last few days of warmish fall weather, so Sela and I spent most of our Saturday outdoors. We walked around our home snipping sticks and leaves off bushes to use in her fairy garden. Then we decked the gardens for christmas!

This is without question, my favorite toy/kid activity that our family has engaged in over the years. Thomas the train, dinosaurs, board games, Barbie, dolls, blocks, all the phases we have lived through in almost seventeen years of parenting – this is my favorite. I enjoy it ever bit as much as Sela does!





We have been adding to our fairy garden collection for over a year now – and there are some really cute items available to buy – however, our MOST favorite fairy garden pieces are still the ones we create all by ourselves.

For over a year now we have been changing the fairy gardens every season or more – this time we decided it needed a festive teepee! It was so easy to make with a few sticks tied together with a small piece of leather string.



christmas fairy garden via seejaneblog

christmas fairy house via seejaneblog

christmas DIY teepee in the fairy garden via seejaneblog

christmas fairy garden ideas via seejaneblog

Deck the fairy garden via seejaneblog

If you are interested in creating your own fairy gardens – if you live in Utah – check out Sun River Gardens in Orem, if you attend Swiss Days in Midway or Beehive Bazaar in Provo – you might find a booth by My Plum Scrumptious – but you can also purchase items online, you can find the CUTEST items on ETSY, Look online at My Fairy Gardens, and Fairy Garden Store. However, like I already said – the cutest items will be the ones that are homemade!

Photography: First seven photos by Sela, KJ, and I! Last five photos by Becky Kimball Photography.

5 responses to “christmas in the fairy garden!”

  1. Loooove. I’m shamelessly attempting to make my own indoor fairy garden for my 5-year-old for Christmas, but just don’t think I have the creative skills to make it as magical as you have. (Also, who knew fairy stuff was so $$?)

  2. I adore all the fairy creations you do with your daughter! What a fun project to do togehter! I am very interested in the cement planter you have all the fairy stuff in. Where can I get one!?
    Thanks in advance!

    • hey Hillary. The cement planter was custom made, and was built when our home was remodeled by the same guy – Brian Thompson – locally – who did all the cement work in our home. Are you a local???

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