DIY: repotting little trees

this past october i was hired by burt’s bees baby to be the photography stylist for their holiday/spring lines. this was new territory for me that i quickly learned i was 100% prepared for. i loved every minute of the prep work and time spent on the shoot. i find total pleasure in working with other people who also think with the right side of their brains. friends, i may have found my calling in life! i had never really put two and two together, but i truly “style” all day long. everyday. i set-up little vignettes all-over our home – when we’re away from our home – when i blog – when i instagram. my brain just does it, and i love doing it!

one of the props i prepared for the photo shoot were these little repotted trees…

sometimes when you are decorating for a holiday, or event all you need is one special plant. one! and it will change your room completely. the power of plants, i tell ya. my mission is to have my house full of them!


i used {and recommend!} very dwarf alberta spruce trees. Locally, these can be found at Gerard’s in Lincoln, Massachusetts. {if you haven’t been there – go, go , go!}

take the trees out of the containers they come in. and you will have to remove a large portion of the soil/roots to get the tree replanted in a jar. be gentle, and wise with how you handle the roots. if it’s too difficult for you to tear-off some of the roots, use garden shears or a knife. make sure the mason jar is filled with enough dirt that when you replant the tree into the jar, it sits at an aesthetic level. however, don’t repot it too perfect. allow it to be imperfectly perfect.

line the tops of the jars with moss. this gives a nice, natural finished look to the overall appearance.

water! keep moist, but don’t over-water.

don’t you agree about plants being game changers? they bring so much life to a room. and! green is just good for the soul this time of year.

lastly! an action shot of me being-a-stylist: {i even love the sound of that! i know, i’m a dork.}

the best part is that i already adore this company. i love what burt’s bees baby stands for – natural, organic products. and i have long been a fan of burt’s bees, it’s an honor being a part of the team. did you know there was a burt’s bees baby company? it’s fairly new – as in, the past couple of months new! if you have a little one, you must check out their products!

on-location after hours:

i was recommended for this job via creative friends, and could not be more grateful. burt’s bees baby “BBB” asked me to come back in the spring for their next shoot, and i am thrilled! if you are in the area, and need stylist skills, i would love to work! xo.

bonus: i met a seejaneblog reader on the second day of shooting! it’s one of those moments that was meant to be – she was one of the “mom” models – you must check out her site. she’s got a great story!

{all photos by me.}

8 responses to “DIY: repotting little trees”

  1. LOVE burts bees! I’ve been using their products since i was a teenager and now i use them on my babies : )looks like it was a super cute shoot!

  2. you were born to be a stylist! don’t forget — if you ever create a “learn all things jane” class, i’m your first student.

    so funny that day… steve telling you, “i think my wife reads your blog.” but, i’m glad he outted me… otherwise i’d probably be reading in secret still!

    those trees are amazing. a trip to gerards may be in order. at first i thought you were talking about winston flowers which, i trust, you’ve been to by now. amazing. this gerards seems pretty great too.

    and thanks for the link, jane!! 🙂 funny because i have a post in drafts right now that links to you! hopefully it’ll eventually make it out of the drafts folder…

    • oh yes! i know about winston flowers, there is one right down the road from me here in wellesley. i even took a flower-arranging class from them, they are absolutely perfect in my eyes!

  3. love your blog-so happy i found it! you have such great taste + ideas! kudos to your talents! i looove burts bee’s-its all i use on my lil’ guy:)

  4. These are amazing! And I’m so excited for your new adventures! I can’t think of a better stylist! Yay!

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