DIY: pine cone flowers

lately, i have been craving a feeling of modern-simplicity in our home. {think: southern california} i’ve always loved a modern atmosphere, but lately i am clearing things out to really make it happen. you would think it was spring, not fall. also, i’ve been thinking ahead for thanksgiving dinner, i wanted something as a centerpiece for the table that fit this same criteria. my myla and i headed outdoors to be inspired and after all was done, this is what i came up with:

i also plan on putting a few of the pine cone flowers in mason jars around our house – i think that would be perfect in little spots here and there. if you are interested in making pine cone flowers at home or for your shop, etc., it’s quite possibly the easiest & most affordable project you will ever do. {almost free. assuming you own a hot glue gun.}

You will need:

* sticks
* pine cones
* hot glue gun + glue sticks
* any vase and/or jar
* optional: yarn/ribbon

first: go on a nature walk and find the sticks + pine cones.

i took this opportunity to spend a little one on one time with my moosey, she is my uber crafty/creative girl who also adores the outdoors, and we love working on projects together — so i knew she’d go along. can you believe her birthday is next month – she is going to be thirteen, and we are going to have TWO teenagers in our house. heaven help me!

second: tear off all the tiny branches, and pick a piece of the branch that looks nice and is the size you need for the jar you are working with. put the smallest dab of hot glue on the tip of the stick and place a pine cone on the end. hold the pine cone in place till the glue dries. i recommend finding small pine cones so they are not too heavy to be held by the glue. the pine cones need to compliment the size of your sticks.  if you are in new england, i guarantee you can walk out your front door and find sticks + pine cones within a few feet. especially since hurricane sandy blew them all down!  however, if you are not near pine trees, i wish you luck on your hunt… you can buy pine cones by the bag at craft stores if you must.

make as many pine cone flowers as you’d like! i think these would be a darling gift grouped together like a little bouquet of happiness tied with a little yarn bow — something like this:

pine cone flowers could also be good for:

* teacher gifts
* use a single pine cone flower as a gift topper
* use a grouping of three tied with a yarn bow to place at table settings – then it’s also a party favor!

happy creating!

{all photos by me, Jane Beckner Rhodes}

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  1. I love your pine cone flowers. Very cool. It makes me want to go outside and look for them now. White vase is unique too!

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