christmas in the fairy garden!

November 16, 2014


Last weekend we had what is probably our last few days of warmish fall weather, so Sela and I spent most of our Saturday outdoors. We walked around our home snipping sticks and leaves off bushes to use in her fairy garden. Then we decked the gardens for christmas!

This is without question, my favorite toy/kid activity that our family has engaged in over the years. Thomas the train, dinosaurs, board games, Barbie, dolls, blocks, all the phases we have lived through in almost seventeen years of parenting – this is my favorite. I enjoy it ever bit as much as Sela does!





We have been adding to our fairy garden collection for over a year now –


DIY: repotting little trees

November 27, 2012

this past october i was hired by burt’s bees baby to be the photography stylist for their holiday/spring lines. this was new territory for me that i quickly learned i was 100% prepared for. i loved every minute of the prep work and time spent on the shoot. i find total pleasure in working with other people who also think with the right side of their brains. friends, i may have found my calling in life! i had never really put two and two together, but i truly “style” all day long. everyday. i set-up little vignettes all-over our home – when we’re away from our home – when i blog –


DIY: pine cone flowers

November 7, 2012

lately, i have been craving a feeling of modern-simplicity in our home. {think: southern california} i’ve always loved a modern atmosphere, but lately i am clearing things out to really make it happen. you would think it was spring, not fall. also, i’ve been thinking ahead for thanksgiving dinner, i wanted something as a centerpiece for the table that fit this same criteria. my myla and i headed outdoors to be inspired and after all was done, this is what i came up with:

i also plan on putting a few of the pine cone flowers in mason jars around our house – i think that would be perfect in little spots here and there.


*new to me*

June 4, 2012

happy monday my friends – we’re starting the week with beautiful images of flowers, plants, and gardens. Sounds good, right?

I discovered Winston Flowers soon after we moved to Boston, and it was love at first sight. This flower/plant company is off the charts – the image below – those rooftop garden boxes melt my heart. to see more of their flora talent, go here.

have a lovely day! xo.

{image via}



May 23, 2012

Today at Boston Mama’s I am talking about ways to simplify your summer plans as a family. This post is the beginning of a series this week to help parents prepare for your kids summer vacations. Are your kids out of school already? Are you prepared for summer? Our munchkins still have three weeks till the vacation starts, so I am finalizing our family summer calendar. To read more, visit me here! xo.

{photos by me. i have a real fetish with fresh flowers & had a little play date with ranunculus last week. i believe ranunculus to be the perfect flower. are you a fan?}


painted ladies*

September 5, 2011

home sweet home – boston edition.

the “third is a charm” home we applied for & are living in…is a big old updated colonial home built in 1861, we actually have a plaque by the front door honoring the home from our town. do the math: it is 150 years old this year!

the home is full of natural light, three-and-a-half baths, eight – yes – count ’em – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 BEDROOMS, lots of parking space, the most darling-ever tree swing in our front yard. and in our price range…which is the best part. although technically i think the best part is that it is right next to the best park in town which also boasts the most amazing playground i’ve ever seen.