wheat grass + spring party

do you plant wheat grass? if you get it planted any day this week, it should be the perfect length by april 24th. instructions to plant wheat grass are simple…

  • use good soil.
  • fill your planter/pot/jar almost to the top with soil. i like to go about 1″ from the top. or, use a thin layer of soil. this is your choice – you do not have to have a lot of soil to grow the grass. i have had success using pots with drainage and without. if you are concerned about drainage and your pot does not have holes in the bottom, line the bottom with pebbles.
  • lay a generous layer of wheat grass seeds.
  • cover with 1/8 to 1/4 inch soil. very little.
  • water daily.

the seeds should sprout within 3 days, and your grass will be growing fairly quickly after that… if you want to juice it, it should be ready within 15 days. i recommend purchasing your wheat grass seeds in bulk from a health food store or market, it will be MUCH LESS than buying it as seed packets from a nursery, etc. i found seeds locally for about $1.50/pound at sunflower market. my wood box planters are from ikea here. i also used these, so we are going to have wheat grass everywhere!

you can see more photos here.

{all photos by me and/or bex.}

8 responses to “wheat grass + spring party”

  1. posh petals… {thank you!} my tablecloth is simply 3 yards of fabric from ikea. it usually runs $7.99/yd., and when i used it at this party…i didn't even hem it. don't judge! 🙂

  2. such a fun afternoon jane!
    thanks again!

    my kids had so much fun!

    and, we really do have such a fun group of ladies!

  3. I'm loving the latest outdoor-sy posts! What is it about outside photos that is just so beautiful?

    Looks like your kids caught the gardening bug from you! 🙂

  4. fun party minus elsa thinking she was allowed to go swimming… she still talks about you saving her- thank you!

  5. such a fun day! we need to do things like that more often. or at least get everyone together. oscar and i both had a ball.

    ps..will you email me the group shot and the last one?

  6. bummed we missed out on this darling project! I don't think i know any of those girls.
    they must be all your artsy friends! hehehe
    where is bex? she must have changed her hair color!

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