this is my new term for gardening. i technically don’t have a garden at this house. i’m not square foot gardening anymore. now a days, i pot. i grow flowers & tomatoes in pots on my back patio… why only flowers & tomatoes? because i have a serious obsession with fresh flowers. and, tomatoes because we love bruschetta around here. i make it all spring & summer with home-grown tomatoes + muenster cheese… seriously-to-die-for-delicious!

so, this past weekend… amongst a little rain, snow, and just enough sunshine to be outside…

i spent one afternoon potting.

my helper. she is still refusing to look at the camera for pictures – which is ok, it’s more artistic, right?!?

my dad & grandpa were both gardeners & they greatly influenced my passion. my heart is so content after spending an afternoon digging in dirt. it fulfills me, in the most soul-satisfying way.

do you garden? sq. ft. garden? pot? {do you dislike all of the above?!?}

if you are the my-hands-are-in-dirt-my-soul-is-happy-type, ’tis the season to plant & cheers!

{all photos by me.}

9 responses to “potting.”

  1. {jane}~
    you're just a season ahead of us here in minnesota.

    your post makes me long for some much needed color in our 'not-for-much-longer' brown world (and planted a seed for bruchetta).

    it's nice you're passing along your passion for gardening to sela. our family has fond memories of picking out plants together and finding the perfect place to get our hands dirty.

    here's to spring!

  2. I found your blog by random and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! You are so creative! I love gardening too but I do a sq. ft. garden in the backyard and do pots just about everywhere! What's better than picking blueberries off your front porch in the morning? I love the red Ranunuculus flowers! One of my favorites!

  3. i love this post! its so happy and bright.i think i'm pretty set on having you not only make my wedding invites but having you help me plan the wedding 🙂

  4. I need to go buy flowers now! I will garden…at our new house…if we ever get to move there! I LOVE fresh flowers and your choices are gorgeous!

  5. beautiful! I need to get on my potting.
    this spring we have been having a green thumb too. we made all of our own starters {totally organic} and are ready to pot and plant as soon as it stops freezing!

    i'm excited to see how they turn out!

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