60 hours…

June 26, 2011

until we’re oughtta here. 

“the plan” continues to change about every six hours.

at this point: husband goes to the philippines tomorrow morning, for 3 weeks. work calls. kiana and i go to NYC on wednesday morning till july 8th. the three other munchkins get to spend time with their aunties & famiy in southern nevada for a bit. On the 8th, kiana and i will be taking a train to boston to finalize our home plans – then the other kids + auntie might be driving out to meet kiana and i in boston. amazing auntie – right? then husband will return to utah on july 16th, get our stuff loaded on a moving truck,


*thank you…

June 12, 2011

to everyone who helped us with the yard sale! we had help carrying items from in the house to outside; pricing items; setting up the yard sale signs we got from somewhere like Super Cheap Signs; taking pictures; help with adding up people item’s and collecting the cash; help cleaning up; help carrying items to people trucks; and on and on and on!

*thank you to everyone who bought our stuff! we had two-days of complete chaos + complete success!

*thank you to our neighbors who were very very patient with the huge traffic jams in our neighborhood.

with everything said and done, we feel like we are one more big step closer to our move.


happy weekend!

June 3, 2011

it’s getting closer, so i created an entire display on our chalkboard wall to start the countdown!

miss thirteen and i will be going to nyc at the end of the month,
then about a week later… husband + our other three kiddo’s + their auntie will be driving our stuff across the country to boston.
thank goodness for an auntie who loves to drive!

miss thirteen and i will take a train after her dance nationals are finished in nyc and meet the rest of our family in b-town.

so. did you read that correctly? my husband is going to be driving our kids across the country + a large truck + a trailer + our two vehicles…


homeless in boston…

May 16, 2011

remember, we had a ‘deck house’ in brookline… then, – we moved on to the mcm i fell in love with? well… it wasn’t actually for rent. in the state of massachusetts, if your home is about to foreclose, you can place your home on the ‘for rent’ market and delay foreclosure. well, the mcm was such a case & the owners don’t actually plan on having renters.


update: we are house-hunting in boston, again.

the search is on! we are now checking out options in newton, lexington, etc etc. we would like to be on the south side of the city, for a variety of reasons…


bubble wrap hopscotch.

May 11, 2011

we are busy with projects around here! projects that involve moving! i have a large-moving-to-do-list, and each day we are checking off tasks.

my motto: organizing by minimizing!

sela is thoroughly enjoying this-whole-organizing-and-cleaning-process.

she takes time to play with everything, one more time. even if the item was never hers to begin with! she’s building forts with storage bins, setting up pretend shops with christmas decor, playing dress up with older siblings past costumes…

and, while we are working hard — we are still taking time to play hard, too!

bubble-wrap hopscotch!

i saw this idea here,