60 hours…

until we’re oughtta here. 

“the plan” continues to change about every six hours.

at this point: husband goes to the philippines tomorrow morning, for 3 weeks. work calls. kiana and i go to NYC on wednesday morning till july 8th. the three other munchkins get to spend time with their aunties & famiy in southern nevada for a bit. On the 8th, kiana and i will be taking a train to boston to finalize our home plans – then the other kids + auntie might be driving out to meet kiana and i in boston. amazing auntie – right? then husband will return to utah on july 16th, get our stuff loaded on a moving truck, and he’ll fly out to boston – we think. the plan might change again.

it’s crazy – our house is almost empty, and we are spending as much time possible with those we love.

+ we’re swimming as much as possible to enjoy the utah sunshine.

i hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!


7 responses to “60 hours…”

  1. jane, let me know if you need some help when you get to Boston-I am CERTAIN I can rally some troops when your trucks show up…

  2. Wow! I can’t believe you’re actually moving…the neighborhood will not be the same. Sadly, I won’t be back in town in time to give you a goodbye hug. You will be missed! Best of luck this week!

    • rebecca, you are such a sweetheart. i wish we would have had more time together – enjoy your summer! and, i really hope you’ll visit us on the east coast!!! xo.

  3. Thinking of you and all you are doing right now…I look forward to hearing all about Boston and your new adventures.

  4. SO FUN!! Yes, work does push its way into the plan but what an exciting time for us!! Go Kiana at nationals!!

  5. oh it so so sad 🙁 …make sure Dusty gets Casey’s help with the moving when the time comes!! I haven’t forgotten what an enormous help Dusty was to us when we moved! Love you guys forever and ever!

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