homeless in boston…


remember, we had a ‘deck house’ in brookline… then, – we moved on to the mcm i fell in love with? well… it wasn’t actually for rent. in the state of massachusetts, if your home is about to foreclose, you can place your home on the ‘for rent’ market and delay foreclosure. well, the mcm was such a case & the owners don’t actually plan on having renters.


update: we are house-hunting in boston, again.

the search is on! we are now checking out options in newton, lexington, etc etc. we would like to be on the south side of the city, for a variety of reasons…

1: fenway.
2: my daughter will be commuting to a dance studio, most likely, from the south side.
3: we haven’t seen much of the north side, to be honest.

any suggestions? any great-great aunts who have an awesome home available? much of the market is not available to us because of leaded paint. with a child under 6, we can only choose a home that has been de-leaded… darn paint.

{photo by me from our last trip as we left bean town. we will be back, dear boston! homeless, or not.}

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  1. oh man! so sorry! it sounded really great too!

    sending positive energy your way that you'll find something soon!

    p.s. i'm hoping to make it to your yard sale! also, my sister is about to move into her new place they built. will you be selling your brown leather sectional? or piano?

    she's looking for a few things for their new home so i'll bring her a long.

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