mid-century modern.

so. our plans changed a bit.

not surprising. i think we could spend one-hundred more days in boston, and continue to find places we’d like to live! we have a little bohemian in our blood. so, by day 2, we had chosen the place in brookline i’d mentioned in my last post… and trust me, it was a little hard to decide-against the ‘1965 deck house.’
on day 3, we went to belmont. finally. everyone had kept telling us, “you want to live in belmont…” but. we were really wanting to feel like we lived in the city. so, we chose brookline.
then we went to belmont.
oh dear.
i don’t even have adequate adjectives to describe the place! it makes you feel like you are in leave-it-to-beaver meets big southern trees meets gillmore girls meets the rainforest of the northwest i grew up in meets…belmont. charming. quaint. husband and i drove around for a good ten minutes with our jaws hanging open. we had lunch on their main street in a little cafe’, and drove some more. driving in circles. then we started house-hunting again. we’re pathetic.
so, after looking at a few homes – we chose a mid-century modern home. i was in love the instant i saw it. husband isn’t quite sold, he thinks it feels, “cold.” boy oh boy, i will warm that place up & he will change his mind. i swear. A few new windows and doors and it wouldn’t be so cold anymore. we spent a few hours looking through different sites online, both local to the house and across the states. I think that was Graceland Windows and Doors. There we saw a bunch of options that would really liven any place up, even if I already liked the look of the house in question it’s one of those small compromises. He would much rather live in a completely modern home, one that practically looks brand new. And I do like the idea of this and we did consider Glen Creek, but it just wasn’t the right time for us. Maybe it will be in our near future.
what is mid-century modern? first of all, they are not common in the northeast. they are very-southern-californian. they were typically built in the 50-60’s, and modern. i can hardly explain how excited i am, and how much i LOVE this style of architecture AND the landscaping is adorable – huge trees, ivy growing up everything…AND, the home was in our price range/budget… {ten-thousand exclamation marks!} it’s been on the market/available for over 160 days! i can’t even imagine this! i suppose everyone else is out searching for the traditional cape-cod style homes, so this baby was just sitting there waiting for me to wrap my arms around it.
still not sure what mid-century modern is? to give you a better idea – – – check out this.

so… our furnishings are not going to totally match-up to the home… but, i’ve got lots of ideas on how to make it work. miss thirteen doesn’t like it either. i kept texting her pictures from my iphone, and she kept replying: “i don’t like it.” ::frown::

so, i’ve got my work cut-out for me. i have a future home that i love – we should know by monday if the deal is sealed, and i need to help my family increase their passion for the place.

i swear i will post pictures when i can…

i’m currently 30,000 feet high – wi-fi on airplanes is a vacation all in itself for this momma! and, i can’t access my pics on my iphone. but, really people, i gotta give you a reason to come back and visit my blog again. right? ::smiles::

so, the kids’ schools all changed – i made visits to each of the new-new ones. still love them. new plan: kj will be in the elementary school that is only K-4. totally new to us. myla AND kiana will be in jr. high, it is 5-8, and sela’s preschool is darling. sigh. and, we still ride buses. husband will not live one block from john henry, but we feel really really safe in this neighborhood + fenway is still only 15 minutes away.

any blog readers from belmont?!?

p.s. kelly pack – i walked through our new home and all i did was think of you, i hope you’ll visit us there!

9 responses to “mid-century modern.”

  1. Oh my goodness, I have read your blog for awhile and love to read it, super fun, creative, and inspirational!!
    But I have to comment…so as to not appear like a total stalker, I found your blog from Shannon Taylor,who was a good friend and partner in crime in High School.
    I live in Waltham…just next to Belmont. Belmont is wonderful. We have many friends that live there. Moving East was the best thing we ever did…we love it here!!! Congrats on your new adventure.
    -Julie Simons

  2. Who have you been talking to?!? You need to live in LEXINGTON! 🙂

    Belmont is an amazing town (next town over from me). I have LOTS of friends there. Email me and I'll hook you up (patton_ellen@hotmail.com).

    Boston is awesome. The end.

  3. Yay! I really am excited for your cute little family. You guys are a great fam with super upbeat attitudes. Life will be amazing and fun wherever you go.

  4. What an adventure! This post hit home for me . . . ny husband just turned down a job around there, but your post made me feel more brave 🙂 Plus we just made an offer on a mid-century modern home. Crossing my fingers for both of us!

  5. HA! just so you know, i secretly figured you would choose Belmont. I used to drive past three grocery stores closer to me to go to the one in Belmont because I loved it so much over there. can't WAIT for those photos!!

  6. Baby… you need to stop posting until we REALLY find our home! 🙂 Keep your heart set on this one… maybe it will give us good karma.

  7. JANE!!! I'M SOOOO JEALOUS! I've been super busy and haven't read your blog in a few days. Then I just read this post, and am drooling and haven't even seen pictures yet! I hope you get it, and yes I will come and visit you. You just have really good taste. Not that Kiana and Dusty don't, they just don't know how freaking cool MCM is…yet, they will catch up to us ::winks::

  8. Jane,
    This is Valerie Denison. I just recently discovered your blog. Anyway, this is so weird. Me and Tyler were just in Boston too. We went for a friend's wedding. We were at the Red Sox game on Thursday. Anyway, you definitely need to visit Newport Rhode Island. It is the most beautiful place. Historical mansions (where Great Gatsby was filmed), the most beautiful little town with great food, adventure, etc. We spent much of our week there. Good luck with the move! P.S. I love Belmont

  9. We just lived out there for 4 years in Burlington. You have to go to Kimball Farms and Bedford Farms for their ice cream. It really is to die for. You will never want to eat any other ice cream again.

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