happy weekend!

it’s getting closer, so i created an entire display on our chalkboard wall to start the countdown!

miss thirteen and i will be going to nyc at the end of the month,
then about a week later… husband + our other three kiddo’s + their auntie will be driving our stuff across the country to boston.
thank goodness for an auntie who loves to drive!

miss thirteen and i will take a train after her dance nationals are finished in nyc and meet the rest of our family in b-town.

so. did you read that correctly? my husband is going to be driving our kids across the country + a large truck + a trailer + our two vehicles… {with his sister} WITHOUT ME!

brave papi, right? i am a bit torn – i’m happy that i’ll be comfy in nyc watching my oldest dance,
and i’m bummed to be missing the experience of driving across the country!
we might not do that again.

their goal is to drive 600 miles per day, for four days.

any advice?

our kids are good travellers – but. you know… that is a LOT of driving!!!

what are your plans this weekend?

i will be… packing, and organizing. and sorting items for our yard sale. and pricing items for the yard sale.
and going to kj’s baseball games + a couple little “school’s out!” parties + a few other kid activities + we’ll be having our first official visit to grandma’s new apartment.

she moved last week & is all settled in her new place. it’s really strange not having her around –
she always got the mail each afternoon –
so, our mail tends to sit in the mailbox for a day or two at a time now… till we realize WE NEED TO GET IT!

she always took the garbage cans out to the curb when it was garbage day,
so… we have missed garbage day twice now and have a lovely pile of stuffed garbage bags just sitting in our garage now! we may have to hire a Plymouth dumpster rental company soon before our garage is overflowing with garbage…

sela asks everyday to visit grandma, so this visit has much-anticipation.


and again, i am shocked with your responses to my “going, going, gone.” post.

i have to say, i can’t find the comment now – but, the woman who is in the military and reads my blog everyday to keep in touch with “home” – you managed to put me entirely over the edge emotionally. which, i’m always on that edge, but you were still entirely successful. every comment {well, minus that one} has been so sweet, and genuine. it seems so silly to me that i inspire people! i most definitely seek the blogging world for inspiration, and find a common love of goodness here. but, really folks – when i thought i’d get a few comments like, “hey. good luck packing, and travel safely to boston!” or “i really like that quote, -you are not a tree- hahaha!” i had no idea i would get soul-bearing comments from so many people!

oh dear, my heart is overwhelmed. i truly want to invite you all to read, when husband returns home we will discuss this further… {he’s totally on your side, and he has my back too 100% of the time… if you noticed that in the comments – ha!} i just have to weigh out the safety of some issues we are going through, and in the end, we’ll have a solid answer.

till then – please, have a happy weekend!


28 responses to “happy weekend!”

  1. I love paper chains and countdowns!! This reminds me of all the countdowns I’ve had–countdowns to birthdays, summer, christmas, dad coming home from business trips, brother returning from mission, and even my infamous countdown until my return to college at the end of summer (my family thought it was hilarious that I was counting down the days until I left them–I still can’t believe I did that!) Man, seeing this reminds me of so many family memories!

    In fact, I’m tempted to go make a countdown until I get to go home to my family–15 days!

  2. I too love the paper chain countdown! For our sake I truly hope you might reconsider making your blog private…but we all understand why you’re doing it:) Oh, and I liked your husband’s response to the crazy ladies comment. Don’t worry….she’s the only one who feels like that.

  3. yobo… can you imagine us together for 4 days at 600 miles a day! we would absolutely KILL each other! 🙂

    • i’m not going to even imagine it! ::lol!:: maybe we could sit separately or just drive in different cars! hehe…

  4. I love paperchains!! I had a countdown to my my due date with my twins. I went 38 weeks and its the only thing that helped me survive and make it to the end

  5. Jane,

    I’m the active duty soldier who commented about this site reminding me of home with my family. I haven’t been to my home since September of last year. I read your site through every holliday and it made me smile. ((I actually sent you a message on Facebook as well to say good luck in your move to Boston– so if you want to put a person to the whole thing it’s me! 🙂 )) Thank you so much for sharing your posts.

  6. I’m sitting around drinking coffee just contemplating what I need to accomplish today, after reading what you are doing I’m so inspired to jump up and get going. You have a gift for teaching and inspiring others. I hope you will find a way to continue (always putting your family’s safety first)! I just took my mom and kids to Charleston,SC on the train and we had a blast! Keeping you in thought and prayers!

  7. ok that is a LONG drive! i would definitely redbox daily!! and charge lots of ipods, ds’s, ipads, computers, and keep the chargers HANDY!!

    this actually would be kinda fun!

    good luck to DUSTY!! haha

  8. I love the paper chain countdowns, we do those for almost every holiday! Wow that is one long drive! I agree with Shannon keep those chargers handy! Good luck Dusty! 🙂

  9. Long drive tip: I wrap up small presents for my kiddos…simple stuff, markers & coloring book, stickers,anything new/interesting to them. They are allowed to open 1 gift per….fill in the blank. (Could be every few hours or so.)
    Also, my LO loves to fill up her window with post it notes…I let her draw and write on them then try to fill up the entire window. Not exactly saving trees but keeps her busy.
    Safe travels…love your blog and hate to see you “go”.

  10. WOW! 600 miles a day!! We’d be lucky to make it 600 miles over 4 days. LOL You’ll have to look up some cool touristy pit-stops along the way– like enormous rubberband balls, or gas stations with a petting zoo (I really did see this on the news the other day– it really exists. Ha!). Could make a long trip into a fun adventure!

    p.s. I would so love to be able to still read your blog. Your’s is one of my very favorites…inspiring, to say the least. You make me want to be a better wife, mother, and friend– and you’ve converted our whole family to spelt bread. 🙂

  11. Hey Dusty …put in a good word for your old coach and his “staulker” wife to Jane to keep me on her list of readers. I love her blog and am always telling Don what your family is doing…I really really want to be your aunt or granny or long lost relative…
    and Jane your going private on my birthday…it would be a great gift……I’m just sayin…..loves

  12. We are military people and have driven cross country a couple of times for moves. It is fun and exhausting and a never will forget experience. Good luck to Dusty and his sister. I think next time I’ll find a way to just show up at the destination, that’s a good plan Jane!

  13. Ok girl,
    you are SO not allowed to go private! I never thought of using a paper chain as a countdown calendar! I know so few people who have older kids that I can get amazing ideas like this. Sigh, how am I going to figure out this stuff now???
    As for the car, lots and lots of books, a big fluffy pillow, and a healthy game of slug bug. I’ve never done across country in the car with kids, but for regular 4 -6 hour trips I just load them up with favorite snack, music, and games.

  14. whoa! that drive will be soo long! haha, but I bet it will be fun for the kids. Good luck to Kiana in NYC. That has to be exciting!

  15. I’m not the military person that left a comment, However..we are a military family and have lived all over the USA and spent the last 4 year in Europe. My advice on moving across country.. btw I have done by MYSELF with 5 children a few times… Dont eat in the car! The kids feel sluggish and then sleep and fight and wont sleep when they get to the hotel. Take real meal stops. Our college age girls are visiting us in Italy over the summer and teaching swim lessons while here. They always thank us for giving them a diverse upbringing… dispite the sometimes diffucult frequent moves. Bloom where your planted… I say, no to going private.

  16. As you know we drove to Boston last year. We only stopped one night on the way out and drove straight through on the way home. There are definitely “moments.” But in the end it’s not so bad. It’s kinda like giving birth, after a day or two you forget how bad it realy was. Haha

  17. I hope that you will keep blogging publicly in some form! As a mom of very young children, your blog has made me even more excited for the future as I see how you and your family live with such love and enthusiasm. Your positive attitude and loving care for your family and an absolute inspiration to me!

  18. My husband and I are moving from California to Colorado this summer. I would love to hear more about how your move goes and any awesome organization/packing tips you might have! Good luck with your move and everything, I’m sure your family is going to rock it!

  19. I hope you re-consider! First Oprah, now you. I’m not sure how much I can handle;) I have enjoyed following your blog. Best of luck in whatever you choose.

  20. Jane! I found you from a friend of a friend. What will i do without you?? I have so enjoyed reading about your family and love your tips and decorations!! Good luck on your move. Wish I could follow along to see how it all goes…knock ’em dead!!!

  21. I have actually followed your wonderful blog over a year now. I love it! I found your blog off of Bronson’s (sp?) when he had his tragic accident. I am way down in Tx, but I just love reading about all your holidays and I get great idea’s about how to make simple everyday things special for my boys. And when I asked you about your cardigans once you even came to my blog and responded. that is blogging dedication:) Your blog makes me smile and laugh and treasure my kids more. I really hope you reconsider and stay public b/c I know many people including me will be sad to see you go:(

  22. hi my name is molly. i am a horrible commenter and well, yeah. good luck with the move and your decision to take your blog private.

    oh and i’ve always loved your chalkboard wall.

    p.s. funny thing – i just realized my older sister posted right above me 🙂

  23. NO TO GOING PRIVATE! We love your ideas, and inspiration! You are positive and happy! It shows through your writing, something this world needs more of. Just think moving will be a fresh start and we (your fellow followers) will be posting comments more! It’s a WIN, WIN! I’m making a paper chain tomorrow!! As far as traveling the only thing that works for our family is movies and lots of junk food! I know Barnes and Noble has a bunch of car games as well. GOOD LUCK!

  24. I cannot believe Dusty will be driving the kids and stuff across country. Truth be told, I would actually like to do that. See the whole country, cute little towns, big monuments, etc. My advice, have one stop a day for at least a few hours that is planned in advance for the kids so they have something to look forward to everyday. Good luck!

  25. Wow driving across the Country My husband and his siblings still talk about their road trips as kids there mom loves that they can recall of the good times they had and laugh about all the bad things that happened. Bad as in he’s touching me….oohh Bry is drooling while sleeping…are we there yet…..umm I need to go to the bathroom, why didn’t you go when we stopped we’ll I didn’t have to them well the next stop is in 40miles Can you hold it???
    Sounds like you gotten some great ideas for fun things for the kids. All i can say is I know it’s a long drive and sometimes it’s hard but please please keep everyone in their seatbelts.
    good luck to Kiana in NYC I was watching SYTYCD yesterday and thought to myself one day I’m going to see Jane’s daughter on this show I just know it! I teach dance and hearing about all the classes and opportunities that she has as a dancer she is very lucky and from reading your post the thing that is even more beautiful is that you are able to do this for her and it’ doesn’t seem like she expects. what a great thing you have taught your children.

  26. Good luck to your hubby driving with the kids. Im sure there will be lots of pit stops on the way. My husband and I lived in St. louis for 2 years and we drove from there to Cali a couple times.. It was fun stoping in different states,our oldest son was 2 @ the time and he did amazing. And then We lived in New Jersey and I was Prego with baby # 2. So we had our cars shipped there.. But then when we moved back to AZ my hubby and father in law drove our cars in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No kids on that trip. I guess you are pretty lucky you get to miss that drive! 🙂

  27. Suggestion for a long road trip: Do a google search before hand and try to find interesting things for them to see in each city/town they would be driving through and possibly stopping in for food/gas/potty breaks that aren’t far from the freeway. Gives them a chance for a break and can make it educational and fun. My brother lived in Memphis for 9 months with his then girlfriend – now wife. I flew out on a Friday night and we got up early Saturday and drove straight home to SLC Sat and Sun. Let me tell ya – it was a LONG weekend! We did 15 hours the first day and 17 hours the next. At least we could spell each other to take breaks from driving. I hope Dusty and his sister can do that, too. We stopped at Cabelas in Nebraska (first and largest store), stopped at fun restaurants (Lamberts, “home of throwed rolls”), and found historical sites to see along the way. Made it not so bad.

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