bubble wrap hopscotch.

we are busy with projects around here! projects that involve moving! i have a large-moving-to-do-list, and each day we are checking off tasks.

my motto: organizing by minimizing!

sela is thoroughly enjoying this-whole-organizing-and-cleaning-process.

she takes time to play with everything, one more time. even if the item was never hers to begin with! she’s building forts with storage bins, setting up pretend shops with christmas decor, playing dress up with older siblings past costumes…

and, while we are working hard — we are still taking time to play hard, too!

bubble-wrap hopscotch!

i saw this idea here, on pinterest. {i’m still obsessed with pinning!} and while preparing to move, we have a good supply of bubble wrap on hand, so this was as great a time as any to play with some!

i think bubble-wrap hopscotch could be fun in so many different ways! i’m thinking last-day-of-school activity! it would be cool to find a HUGE piece, and let the kids go crazy on it as they leave for summer vacation…

what’s better than popping bubble wrap, when you’re a kid?!?

remember: our yard sale is scheduled for saturday, june 11th, at 9am! mark your calendars! {we will have clown costumes available!}

my second new motto: less is amore!

{all photos by me.}

3 responses to “bubble wrap hopscotch.”

  1. Hi Jane, I love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration!

    I know I've seen the post before about your wallpaper but I can't seem to find it. Do you remember who the designer is?



  2. What's better then bubble wrap when you're an adult?! Let alone kid. Miss Jane, I can't beleive your leaving! So strange, I've never met you, we've never hung out, but I still feel a slight pang that you're going to be across the country! So silly. I love it back east though, and that sounds like such an incredible adventure. Good luck! I am giong to try try try to make it to your yard sale. Setting up "house" as a married couple this summer and we need lots of things. Best wishes!

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