our family at home

August 1, 2015

A month ago, Gabrielle Blaire of Design Mom featured our home in her Living With Kids Tour series. This was the second time she’s featured one of our homes – the first time was our Boston home. Here’s a few photos by Becky Kimball of our life at home that didn’t make the final cut – if you’d like to see the tour it’s right here.

SeeJane_BeckyKimballPhoto_06 Wellesley Baloo is so little in these pictures! She hadn’t had all her shots yet, so she wasn’t even being groomed yet! A fluffy little messy ball of cuteness!
SeeJane_BeckyKimballPhoto_13As some of you may already know I’ve been going through an anti-toy phase for a while.


Concrete shower, wood trim window via seejaneblogThis week’s tour around my home includes little details from all over our home that I wouldn’t include in their own separate post. Small peeks at our bathrooms, mud room, and trims are included. I have a thing for really simple, earthy details but I do feel like I’m up to date as I have features like a frameless glass shower (examples below and at GlassShowerDirect.com). You just can’t go wrong with such elements, and they lend themselves to the modern aesthetic in our home. Plus, they make me immediately happy. All of the concrete work is custom by a local artisan – Brian Thompson – you can find him on instagram @handcraft_concrete_design

All photos by Becky Kimball.


Steam Punk Industrial Modern bedroom steel wall via seejaneblogIt is time for another tour around my home! Today I am showing you our master bedroom. It’s a mix of our bedroom, my home-computer-work area – I know it’s not wise to put a computer area in a bedroom because it can distract one from sleeping, but my art room in the basement kills our wifi signal due to a steel door down there – so the bedroom it is! And, this room also qualifies as a second living room. Often times, our family and my kids’ friends congregate in this space. Not sure why – maybe it’s the unique cozy fireplace or beautiful natural light that shines in – or the open space – but I’m happy they feel comfortable enough to do so!


easter in our home

April 1, 2015

Minimalist modern Industrial Easter decorations via seejaneblogWith my current urge to decorate less, own less, and most of all be storing less stuff. I kept our Easter decorations more simple this year than I ever have. And I’ve gotten rid of all the rest! I have discovered that I want our home to always have the same earthy, organic, cozy feel. I was so excited to find two items that fit that mold perfectly. Funny, each of these bunnies I found at garden stores – or nurseries. Obviously my love of plants and greenery overlaps in more than one way in our home.

If you are local – the stone carved bunny is from Cactus & Tropicals which has two locations in Salt Lake City.


Steam Punk Industrial Modern home via seejaneblogIn today’s tour around my home I’m showing you our kitchen – we have an open plan kitchen, dining area and living room which works out great for us. The first thing you might notice when you walk in our home is the large steel dining area chandelier. It’s unique. We call it “the claw” and we joke that it would be nice after we finish a meal if it would scoop up all the dirty dishes like an arcade machine, and dump them into the sink and dishwasher! At second glance you can see that the use of contrasts between different materials, textures and objects (old and new) makes the combined rooms cozy, and lively despite the limited color palette.


picture gallery in hallway via seejaneblog We have one hallway in our home, and here it is! Keeping in mind our home is originally a 1960’s rambler, this hallway is pretty narrow – but I love how the gallery walls open the space and make it cozy. I’m still working on finding one final piece – maybe a weaving or circular mirror – i’m not sure yet.

Have you been curious as to what the silver silo in our living room is??? Here’s the answer: it’s a slide that goes to our basement! Very steam punk. There is also a steel ladder that goes up from the slide entrance to an attic space that we are currently finishing as a small playroom for Sela.