holiday home tour

we decked the halls! keeping with my thanksgiving/winter mood, i wanted everything cozy mixed with some festive-holiday cheer, if you are still in the midst of decorating your homes, here are are six tips…

tip #1: if you don’t have a chandelier, pot rack, or stairwell to hang decorations on – use a small rope or twine, attach to the corners of your window moldings with a tiny tiny nail, and hang items on the rope. you can also hang the rope/twine across a wall with the same philosophy. this works great for stringing stockings, wreaths, pomanders, or any christmas ornament that you can attach the ornament with ribbon or string – even a traditional hook! {as seen in the picture above.}

tip #2: layer your garlands! mix textures, colors, strings of lights, and use more than one! try making a homemade pom pom garland to add to what you already have!

tip #3: decorate areas of your home you wouldn’t normally think about decorating. for example: the kids’ play spaces!

tip #4: add festive yarn-wrapped letters to your mantle, or on a shelf.

tip #5: mix your everyday/all-year-long home decor with your holiday decor, this gives your home a more balanced-lived-in look.

tip #6: add a little festive touch to each room, keep it simple by adding a holiday dish towel, seasonal plant {re-potted little trees!}, or mini-trees in open corners of your home. try christmas-scented soaps in the bathrooms. small touches make a big statement.

you can snoop just a little bit more in previous posts here, here, and here. xo.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

8 responses to “holiday home tour”

  1. i love it all but i think the potted plants are my favorite! i just love indoor plants. i have a cypress tree in a pot right now and every time i look at it, it makes me happy.

  2. I wish you were here to go crazy on my house for every holiday! I love everything! I want the yarn wrapped letter idea, and the pot on the stand in the first picture would look really good around here 😉

  3. What a great eye you have! Can you package your special touch in a jar and send to my house 😉 I love everything, Especially the doll’s cot with the pile of mattresses and the Santa tea towel on the oven handle. Your pics have really put me in the mood for the holidays!

  4. What a fun and festive space! I saw your pom pom tutorial. I have a passion for garlands…I have my yarn ready and during studio breaks today I will be creating pom poms! Happy Christmas!

  5. beautiful home and holiday ideas! do you mind sharing where you got the “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” pillow? i love it!! thanks

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