steam punk industrial midcentury modern via seejaneblogFriends!!! For those of you who might be new to SeeJaneBlog – our family resided in Utah for fifteen years from 1996-2011, then we moved to Boston, Massachusetts for two years in 2011-2013. Then returned to Utah in July of 1013… Nineteen months ago. After nonstop projects during this time, and more projects currently underway I am ready to start a tour around our home! I plan on sharing our home in sections – starting with the entry and living room.

First of all, this home is fairly unique and came to be ours in a unique way too. Our last Utah home is only ten houses away down the road from where we now live.


valentines day in our home

February 15, 2015

minimalist valentines day home decor via seejaneblogAs each holiday approaches I find myself craving more and more simple traditions. Less decorations, less focus on what we should buy for people and an increased focus on the time we have with those we love. In the past few years I’ve had numerous conversations with friends about this – tell me what you think…

minimalist valentines home decor via seejaneblogIn my twenties, after getting married and starting a family, I had this inner urge to consume STUFF. Whether it was furnishings for my home, decorations for holidays, kids toys and gadgets… I collected and purchased stuff like Gus from Cinderella collected cheese. I couldn’t wrap my arms around the items I was bringing home. I was prone to overspend with anything I could easily convince myself I needed.


today i have a beautiful new blog that i want to share with you,
and i hope you will become acquainted with… everything bloom!

About Bloom:

The Bloom Forum is your one-stop, everything-photography shop on the web. We have members, both amateurs and seasoned pros, who participate from around the world. Join a discussion, find answers to all of your photography-related questions, learn from the best and brightest photographers in the country, take exclusive online photographer workshops, and network with others who share your passion. At any given time on the Bloom Forum, you’ll find discussions and topics including photography basics, tutorials, film, post processing, contests, and business discussions.

everything bloom is featuring my home art studio today on their blog’s room to bloom series.


irish or not, i like to spread a little green + rainbow cheer this time of year. i prefer years when march is the focus of st patrick’s day and april is easter. this year i feel crunched for time with the two happening only two weeks apart. regardless, both holidays mean spring and that is constantly on my mind…

sunshine, rainbows, and warmer weather one of these days!

rainbow pom pom garland via seejaneblog

photo props on statues and yarn-wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

saint patrick's day home decor via seejaneblog

saint patrick's day home decor plus yarn-wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

rainbow yarn ball garland via seejaneblog

do you celebrate st patrick’s day? have any plans for the holiday this year?


friends, i have a real valentines date tomorrow night. {!!!!!!!!!} i don’t think my husband has been in town for valentines day in over a decade. and technically, he won’t be here this year either, he goes out of town early that morning. but. we have a real date scheduled for valentines eve… at a swanky restaurant, with friends! and i plan on wearing heels. this is big time. do you have plans?

the season of love is in full swing around our home. check it out:

antlers with heart garland via seejaneblog

valentines day around the house via seejaneblog

DIY yarn wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

heart doily garland via seejaneblog

valentines chalkboard with pom pom garland via seejaneblog

valentines day antlers via seejaneblog

spread the love peeps!


DIY yarn-wrapped canvas

February 12, 2013

creating change. since i took down my christmas decorations i’ve been craving change. something new. specifically: a new large piece of art. so, this is what i did:

i picked up a 36″ x 48″ white canvas with my 40% off coupon from JoAnns. i chose some new thick wool yarn in an almost-ombre selection of colors + red, and started wrapping my canvas! the red was chosen in honor of valentines day.

DIY yarn wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

all you need:

  • canvas
  • yarn
  • scissors

DIY yarn wrapped canvas supplies via seejaneblog

when the blizzard came to town, i had plenty of time to wrap yarn around a canvas!



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