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today i have a beautiful new blog that i want to share with you,
and i hope you will become acquainted with… everything bloom!

About Bloom:

The Bloom Forum is your one-stop, everything-photography shop on the web. We have members, both amateurs and seasoned pros, who participate from around the world. Join a discussion, find answers to all of your photography-related questions, learn from the best and brightest photographers in the country, take exclusive online photographer workshops, and network with others who share your passion. At any given time on the Bloom Forum, you’ll find discussions and topics including photography basics, tutorials, film, post processing, contests, and business discussions.

everything bloom is featuring my home art studio today on their blog’s room to bloom series.

A Room to Bloom, seejaneblog home studio (12)

if you find the idea of me being interviewed at all interesting or you’d like to see pictures of my home art studio,
you can check it out *here.

*bloom requires registering + subscribing to their site to see this post.

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  1. Jane! Somehow My bloglovin didn’t transfer you over after I changed over! I have missed so many posts! Miss your cute family! come say hi sometime!


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