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i’ve learned in the past sixteen months since we started our boston-adventure that i look forward to moving. new spaces excite me, and i welcome the change. i am addicted to de-cluttering. the less we own, the more simple a room is, the better. just like the excitement that comes with the changing of seasons. i like new walls, new paint, new rooms, and even new neighbors! {not to offend my utah neighbors, we relish the idea of going back to our exact neighborhood if possible one day!!!} i just enjoy meeting new people. don’t get me wrong, buying a home can be a stressful process but the whole excitement and experience of moving into a new environment, surrounded by new people, makes the whole thing worth it.

i’ve been giving you little peeks of our home through the blog and instagram, but now that we’ve been in our second boston home for five months, i am ready for you to take a whole tour! you will see almost our entire home. i skipped sharing the basement {and husbands office, which is on the main floor, we did not stick him in the basement!} because i am still trying to get a grip on the toys/furniture/exercise equipment down there. so, if you take the tour, and decide my home appears too organized or too clean. don’t fret, my basement is a disaster!

that’s it! only three pictures! i’m teasing of course, head over to Design Mom for an entire Living with Kids interview! {i’m thrilled to be a part of the series!!!}

now that you’ve seen what it looks like sans holiday, come back later this week to see a holiday home tour. i will be sharing a few festive tips!

{photos by Blue Lily Photography}

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  1. Just one question for you….our biggest issue is too much stuff. We can’t seem to let go of anything and the kids get really attached to every little trinket. How do you de-clutter and teach your kids they don’t have to save everything?

  2. I just found your blog through Instagram and I’m addicted already. I especially love you off white paint color against your stained oak molding. Do you mind sharing? I never can seem to pick the right color and my moulding color is very similar to yours so I’m thinking it may work well. Thanks!

  3. i love the living with kids feature…i am SO excited to pop over and see your pictures and read your interview : )

  4. Lovely feature! Your house is gorgeous. I have to say I would’ve been thrilled to have a room like Myla’s when I was 12. It’s beautiful! One thing I’m wondering is… What do you suggest for birthday/christmas gifts? I mean, trying to live minimalistically would be harder when you receive a lot of STUFF, for you and the kids. Has it been something you’ve tried to prevent?

  5. Jane your home is breathtaking!! I love the home tour, it was so much fun to see all of the details…your home is truly amazing…makes me want to go on an adventure too! Beautiful in every way, thank you so much for sharing & inspiring!

  6. Jane, do you have any advice on finding home rentals in the Boston area? My family and I are thinking about switching from our apartment rental to a home rental in the burbs…any advice would be so appreciated (we’re very new here).

  7. Jane –
    I just happened upon your blog after Googling how to hang a tennis racket. I love the way that yours are displayed in your home, so I was hoping that you might share with me the best way to hang them. It appears as though you used a hook on the head of each racket…

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