tour around my home: the hallway

picture gallery in hallway via seejaneblog We have one hallway in our home, and here it is! Keeping in mind our home is originally a 1960’s rambler, this hallway is pretty narrow – but I love how the gallery walls open the space and make it cozy. I’m still working on finding one final piece – maybe a weaving or circular mirror – i’m not sure yet.

Have you been curious as to what the silver silo in our living room is??? Here’s the answer: it’s a slide that goes to our basement! Very steam punk. There is also a steel ladder that goes up from the slide entrance to an attic space that we are currently finishing as a small playroom for Sela. The slide exits into a “mine” play area in the basement. Some intense nerf gun battles take place down there with everyone hiding out in the mine and their guns poking out the cave holes.

This is the second home we’ve owned with a slide – both of them went from the main floor to the basement and it’s such a fun detail. I highly recommend adding one to your home if you are considering it! I love to see the shock on my kiddos-friends faces when I come flying down it. We try to get everyone who visits to try it at least once – my husbands aunt who is in her seventies went down it last year and I was so proud of her! It’s fun. 

family cross-stitch by nicole hum stitchery via seejaneblog
hallway gallery and entrance to slide via seejaneblog
industrial modern steam punk house with slide via seejaneblog
basement slide exit via seejaneblogPhotos by Becky Kimball.

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  1. Where did you get that needlepoint of your family done? It is just adorable! Searching for some unique family gifts for Christmas! Thank you!

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