tour around my home: the kitchen

Steam Punk Industrial Modern home via seejaneblogIn today’s tour around my home I’m showing you our kitchen – we have an open plan kitchen, dining area and living room which works out great for us. One day I want to design my own home from scratch with rodrock (visit website here), but for now I’ll stick to home improvements. We recently redecorated our home and we even decided to buy some new stairs from somewhere like here. It looks great and I’m super proud of the kitchen. The first thing you might notice when you walk in our home is the large steel dining area chandelier. It’s unique. We call it “the claw” and we joke that it would be nice after we finish a meal if it would scoop up all the dirty dishes like an arcade machine, and dump them into the sink and dishwasher! At second glance you can see that the use of contrasts between different materials, textures and objects (old and new) makes the combined rooms cozy, and lively despite the limited color palette. I really do like colors – a few of them – I just don’t like any one of them enough to be able to commit to one in our living spaces. You will see a lot of varied woods, grays, whites, a mix of plants, and the occasional small pop of color. It is quite easy to tell we have renovated this part of the house quite recently. That project would not have been possible if we didn’t explore refinance mortgage options.

My favorite thing about this space are the windows. The living room/dining area/kitchen are not very spacious but due to the windows and views we have of the Wasatch mountains, the space feels big. A dreamy combination.

I hope you are enjoying the tour around my home so far – next week I’ll be showing you the master bedroom. All photos are taken by Becky Kimball.
Steam Punk Industrial Modern home via seejaneblog II
Steam Punk Industrial Modern home via seejaneblog III
wooden kitchen spoons in concrete holder via seejaneblog
Steam Punk Industrial Modern home via seejaneblog IV
fruit bowl via seejaneblog
Work Hard and be nice to people print in kitchen via seejaneblog
Steam Punk Industrial Modern home via seejaneblog V
Cactuses and Succulents display via seejaneblog
Steam Punk Industrial Modern home via seejaneblog VI
Steam Punk Industrial Modern home via seejaneblog VII

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  1. I love these home tours. It is such a great space. I know you might have mentioned before but did you have the work hard and be kind print custom made? I love it!

  2. You home is so beautiful! I love all the textures – and as I was looking at your living room – where did you get your beautiful pillows?

  3. […] My computer desk and sheepskin are from IKEA, the mustard-patterned throw on our bed is from Interwoven. The camel colored vintage chair is from the vintage shop Tomorrow’s House in SLC. Next week I will be showing you details from our mud room and bathroom. Previous tours: living room, hallway, and the kitchen. […]

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