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A month ago, Gabrielle Blaire of Design Mom featured our home in her Living With Kids Tour series. This was the second time she’s featured one of our homes – the first time was our Boston home. Here’s a few photos by Becky Kimball of our life at home that didn’t make the final cut – if you’d like to see the tour it’s right here.

SeeJane_BeckyKimballPhoto_06 Wellesley Baloo is so little in these pictures! She hadn’t had all her shots yet, so she wasn’t even being groomed yet! A fluffy little messy ball of cuteness!
SeeJane_BeckyKimballPhoto_13As some of you may already know I’ve been going through an anti-toy phase for a while. I’m just tired of organizing, storing, and buying toys!!! After almost eighteen years of being a mom. Anyway. I try to get creative to keep my momentum going – this past year my kids had mostly quit playing with their lego’s – unless it was a new kit to put together they weren’t sitting down to build stuff with our thousands of free floating lego’s anymore.

So. I spent some days and maybe weeks sorting out ALL of the white ones. And I gave away the rest. This idea was inspired by the all white lego architectural set that KJ owns – and I added those to the mix too. Then I found a faux cement planter bowl and filled it with all the white lego’s and I now leave it sitting on our kitchen table. It looks minimalistic/modern, and it appeals to all ages! I frequently have teenagers sit down at the kitchen table and build the coolest buildings/stuff with the white lego’s! Just sharing the idea – in case you’re in the same boat as me and tired of small toys consuming your homes!  

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