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February 21, 2015

gift ideas via seejaneblogHere is my 2014 holiday gift guide! (ha!) I have yet to figure out how to share my genguine top gift suggestions before the holidays – because usually THESE ARE THE ITEMS I am stashing away for my friends and family! They can’t see on my blog what I’m planning for them BEFORE the holidays (and obviously, myself, since my name is shown on the personalized thumb drive and keychains above!) so consider this a jump start for this year!!!


back to school teacher gifts via seejaneblog

my kiddos start school this week. and while i am not ready for summer vacation to end, i am craving some routine in our life! any other parents feeling this way? our oldest daughter has sophomore day today – here in utah some of the high schools are only tenth through twelfth grade, so the sophomores go a day early before the upper class-men arrive to help them find all their classes with less students in the buildings. kiana has technically started high school twice now. she’s a pro.

all three of my other kiddos start tomorrow. sela has the same first grade teacher that all three of her siblings had and we couldn’t be more excited!


twig creative makes the coolest stuff.  i mean, whats not to love about this adorable wooden camera?

twig creative camera via seejaneblog

twig creative zebrawood camera via seejaneblog

camera | sela’s dress.

all toy reviews, here.
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{photos by  me, Jane Rhodes, taken in Mexico.}


in our new home we only have three neighbors on our street. very soon after we moved in, we {meaning: husband} had a not-so-great run-in* with one of those neighbors {completely our fault!}. we are still trying to redeem ourselves. with that said, i put “plan neighbor’s christmas gifts” at the top of my to-do list for this month.

while i was at trader joe’s prior to thanksgiving i spotted cute reusable burlap bags, and had the idea to fill them with a few of our favorite things. one of my favorite snacks is smart food white cheddar popcorn. and if you have been to our home –


kiwi crate :: toy review

December 3, 2012

we craft all year, but at this time of year we super-craft. gifts for others, homemade decorations for our home, creative gift-wrapping, and of course festive-crafting-for-oneself because of the love of crafting!

kiwi crate sent us their crafty christmas crate and we are hooked! do you remember getting packages in the mail as a kid? happiness explosion! {i actually still feel this way when i get packages in the mail! ::smiles::} sela went to the post office with me the day this box arrived.  when i told her it was for her – she might have jumped up and down hugging the box nothing short of twenty-five hundred times. before we got back in the car.


*new to me*

November 26, 2012

seejaneblog readers, if you are in the U.S., how was your thanksgiving??? did you make the transition and decorate for christmas? my kids are still home from school today for the holiday, and we have a busy day ahead. before i get started with them, i wanted to start the week with this…

i have mentioned in the past that my husband has some really cool cousins who all live in laguna beach, california. one of these cousins sent me some unexpected, very happy mail a few weeks ago which included three candles that were *new to me* — created by dear sincerely:

i was instantly in love with the candle packaging!