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gift ideas via seejaneblogHere is my 2014 holiday gift guide! (ha!) I have yet to figure out how to share my genguine top gift suggestions before the holidays – because usually THESE ARE THE ITEMS I am stashing away for my friends and family! They can’t see on my blog what I’m planning for them BEFORE the holidays (and obviously, myself, since my name is shown on the personalized thumb drive and keychains above!) so consider this a jump start for this year!!!

Not only do I recommend these items, I have enjoyed them for weeks now – they come (unsponsored) with high ratings in my book!

You will see all the links to find these items, and a few more suggestions for upcoming holidays below the pictures!
leather personalized keychain gift idea via seejaneblog
leather cable organizer gift idea via seejaneblog
custom bamboo thumb drive gift idea via seejaneblog
madewell gift ideas via seejaneblogThe personalized leather key chains – which are great for keys OR attaching to a backpack, or bag can be found HERE. This is the same shop that offers the leather cable organizers. It’s also worth bearing in mind that these can be easily cleaned using something like Leather Honey leather conditioner & cleaner – makes them an even better gift!

The personalized bamboo thumb drives – I gave these to friends I go to college with, I gave them to my kids and husband, I gave them to employees at my husbands company, I gave these to other teenagers in my life – they are such a versatile gift! Also, when I helped plan the HIVE event at Alt we ordered these to go in the swag boxes! Each time I placed orders with this company, their customer service has been AMAZING. Find them HERE.

The little pouch wallet and gold bracelet – you can always count on Madewell to have great accessories that are the perfect mix of trendy and classic – HERE.

And let’s not forget a watch that could go with that lovely gold bracelet. A friend recommended WatchShopping and they have such a lovely range of luxury watches. If you’re interested in finding the Source click here.

A lot of these items would be ideal in Easter baskets this spring, birthdays, or the holidays in 2015!

Also, I have my eye on HAMBOARDS (Tell me those CLASSIC boards with a paddle don’t look like HOURS of fun?!?),and A Fuji Instax or printer is ALWAYS a good idea: HERE.

Happy gift planning, friends! xo.

Photos by me, Jane Rhodes

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