forty in a box.

my dear friend susan, aka spicy turned forty last week. she is one of my most loyal, loving friends. and, my life is blessed beyond measure to have her in it. so… it was a sad day to not be with her to celebrate her big day. to make up for my absence, i sent a special package her way. You are my fave blog is featuring this special box today. it was one of the funnest projects/gifts i have ever planned, and wrapped. six hours of wrapping, to be exact. {in case you were wondering. all done somewhere between 10pm and 4am} and that darling colored paper? you can find out where it is from, here.

{photos by me.}

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  1. woah! i was just telling the husband yesterday that I wanted to do this for a good friend’s 30th coming up next week, and then I read your post today, and you bet i feel all this-is-destiny-i-gotta-do-this-now!!! my only dilemma is coming up with things to actually give her! any suggestions?!

  2. What a lucky gal and what a great friend you are. My sister did this for me last fall when a turned (audible gasp) 40. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever ever received. I blogged about it ( Seriously amazing gift…

  3. This idea is genius! We loved it so much that we are going to do 60 gifts for our Dad’s 60th birthday this August. We already have 15 gifts so far…Thanks for the on-going inspiration!

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