a few of our favorite things + cheesy neighbor gifts printables!

in our new home we only have three neighbors on our street. very soon after we moved in, we {meaning: husband} had a not-so-great run-in* with one of those neighbors {completely our fault!}. we are still trying to redeem ourselves. with that said, i put “plan neighbor’s christmas gifts” at the top of my to-do list for this month.

while i was at trader joe’s prior to thanksgiving i spotted cute reusable burlap bags, and had the idea to fill them with a few of our favorite things. one of my favorite snacks is smart food white cheddar popcorn. and if you have been to our home – i probably served this to you while you were here. so, the sound of music inspired my first idea, and cheesy popcorn {a favorite snack} inspired my second idea.

for my first idea, you could choose a few of your favorite things, place them in a reusable bag or basket, find the printable in my shop HERE, and share your favorite goodies with others!

a few of our favorite things:

(have you tried our favorites? what are your favorite treats? snacks? drinks?)

and, the cheesiest idea! using smaller bags of smart food popcorn, if you have a long list of people you’d like to give a little treat to: friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, students… purchase the one dollar printable in my shop HERE, and you are set! That is as long as you have a printer, but you can get a wireless portable printer these days which are super easy to use as well as being ultra-convenient. They’re affordable too so you can have endless fun with printables as well as using the printer for all kinds of other things like printing out school learning materials, it’s a no-brainer! Once you’ve printed out these printables, pop-in on everyone you love!

a little twist on this cheesy idea: add the tag to a selection of fine cheeses and crackers, for the foodie in your life! or, for the next party you attend, this could be a hostess gift.

each printable includes extra holiday stickers & labels! i recommend printing the stickers & labels on full-sheet labels, and cutting them out with a circle punch. if you decide to use any of these ideas, i would love to see! tag me on instagram, Facebook, or link to this post from your blog so i can check out your favorite things!

sela’s baseball raglan can be found here. they have them for all ages – in lots of colors – for boys and girls.

*what did we husband do to our neighbors? you are all curious? i will let husband chime-in below in the comments, if he chooses to. ::smiles::

{Photos by me, Jane Rhodes. printable graphics via the lovely lindsey for seejaneblog}

15 responses to “a few of our favorite things + cheesy neighbor gifts printables!”

  1. ha ha! we recently moved into a new house and i’ve been hyper vigilant about neighbourly interactions- we’ll be living alongside these people for a long time! : )

  2. Love this idea!

    Neighbor story- right after we moved into our house our neighbors invited us to a birthday party. I thought it was a party for their young daughter and so to be nice I took over a tub of bubble gum and five one dollar bills even though we couldn’t attend the party. Come to find out after the fact that it was actually the Mom’s birthday. It was super embarrassing but something that we laugh about now!! Ha!

    Can’t wait to hear your neighbor story!

  3. love this! and yes, spill it dusty!

    ps jane, i’m a new reader of your blog (courtesy of design mom) and love it. added you to my google feed, and had to read a tonne of previous posts…!

  4. I’ve been a big fan of gifting friends family with a “favorites of mine” theme…I thinks it’s nice to share things that we love…and I always love finding about new products that friends of mine love and share. Thinking I might jump onto your idea a share a cute bag of TJ favorites for our new neighbors.


  5. i just discovered cookie butter. delicious! i discovered you from designmom and i live in boston, too. we moved here in august 2011 for school and we love it!

  6. Such cute ideas Jane! And I love that popcorn too! It’s a must have for road trips!! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!

    Dusty- my imagination is running wild!! Ha ha!

  7. the long and short of it is that i was trying to assist my beautiful wife in getting a garbage truck to come pick up our “gaw-baje” by trimming our driveway. one neighbor was not home and i took the liberty of trimming their trees for them without asking. as evening-up the trimming sometimes goes, it got shorter and shorter until there was really nothing left. we came home that night to a very polite but obviously grief stricken neighbor frantically trying to call the city or whoever could have done such a dasterdly thing! 🙁

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