halloween sneak-peak

September 24, 2009
our little cupcake is going to be a cupcake for halloween!
{ordered the costume, here.}

i love. love. love her costume! the day it arrived in the mail, sela was so excited about it! she put it on immediately and let me take a picture on my cell phone {shown below.} sela would say, “wait, mom!” and kneel down so the bottom of the cupcake touched the floor and then tell me “o-tay, take the picture!”

{a few days later}

dusty had this conversation with sela:

dusty: “…you gonna be a cupcake for halloween?”

sela: “yeah,


nuvo dance nationals

July 15, 2009

kiana and i just returned home…
after having a great time in beverly hills.

kiana spent seven of the days dancing for nuvo dance nationals-
workshop classes.

we arrived one day early and stayed one day extra to have some time to play. on our first evening there, we headed to the movie theaters to see…

the proposal –

we loved it. so funny. so cute.

on our second day, we took a hollywood tour! it turned out to be so awesome because the tour takes 2-12 people per little black van,


after a weeks worth of festivities…parties, cupcakes, cake, special meals, and gifts…totally how I believe every birthday should be celebrated: a few days of complete spoiling! our baby girl is really eleven years old today…

Kiana chose Sammy’s for lunch and Tepanyaki’s for dinner. We had birthday cake {from the sweet tooth fairy} and gifts from the family.

After dinner Kiana, Eli, and Ethan went to see “Mall Cop,” while Danny, Dusty, and I went to see “TAKEN.” wow. wow. wow.
could Liam Neeson be any more sexy fighting to get his daughter back? I mean,


cheers to 11 years

February 21, 2009

kiana and twenty-five of her girlfriends, plus the howell boys, and family totaling about thirty-five people celebrated pre-teen style for her 11th birthday…

the invitations-i ordered these movie ticket invitations here, and i think they have a good selection of things for the older-kid-crowd.

the party-

“Confessions of a shopaholic!”it was Sooooo cute!
we had nearly half of the theater filled with our group, a few popcorn fights broke-out…when someone was kissing they would clap and cheer! They would yell “woot-woo!” at all the lovey-dovey parts…they were so much fun!
the new cinemark theaters near our home have a party room you can reserve,


happy birthday grandma pat!

December 8, 2008

My mom’s birthday is december 8th, and our family is not going to be here to spend the day with her to celebrate because we are packed and headed to Mexico for a while…

So, we spent the past few days celebrating grandma’s birthday!

My niece Heather and her baby girl Lilly, my mom’s friend Carol and I took her to lunch this past week at Chef’s table, one of her favorite restaurants…
The next evening, Myla and grandma went to the mall for manicures & pedicures then a stop for ice cream…

Then today we had a little surprise party for her!!happy birthday mom!