happy birthday grandma pat!

My mom’s birthday is december 8th, and our family is not going to be here to spend the day with her to celebrate because we are packed and headed to Mexico for a while…

So, we spent the past few days celebrating grandma’s birthday!

My niece Heather and her baby girl Lilly, my mom’s friend Carol and I took her to lunch this past week at Chef’s table, one of her favorite restaurants…
The next evening, Myla and grandma went to the mall for manicures & pedicures then a stop for ice cream…

Then today we had a little surprise party for her!!happy birthday mom!

6 responses to “happy birthday grandma pat!”

  1. What would you do without Grandma Pat? Happy Birthday! You sure have been busy! Looks like so much fun – Borrups party, Christmas Programs, Sela’s darling tutu! We sure miss you guys! See you soon!

  2. For a guy that works out a lot you (the dude in black and gray) sure have a big arse! I mean… “Big Ben” doesn’t even begin to describe it… it’s extra-terrestrial. You couldn’t hide that thing in the Moon’s crater. Instead of saying si to all that greasy food in Cabo maybe you should say no gracias. Or here’s an idea… quit riding the free shuttle everywhere and use the fat appendages attached to that fat arse and WALK! This is chicken anonomous saying good day and good night.

  3. SORRY… in case you didn’t know that was me that left that nasty note about me. 🙂 Just poking a little fun at the insidious, jealous person that left that one a while ago. I have to say however that mine was very on target… I definitely should have said “no gracious” a few more times to food and shuttles. 🙂
    Happy Holidays… Dusty

  4. Oh i hope you guys are having a Faulous Vacation where it is warm, b/c it is sooooo cold here now!
    We miss you!
    Happy Birthday Grandma Pat! I like how KJ gets to blow out the Candles. too cute!

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