Selabration #2

Our little cupcake turned TWO today!

We spoiled her rotten all day, and enjoyed every second of it!

the party…
Sela’s very own cupcake cake: Selabration #2!

musical chairs
{I love kiana’s hair & motion in this picture}

pin the tail on the donkey-
Kiana was giving Sela instructions on where the tail goes…
{for the little-little kids it was an option to use the blind fold!}

Kiana was right by Sela’s side or holding her the entire party, her own little personal host if you will…

Daphne made Sela an ADORABLE “shutterfly” memory book of her birth for one of her presents, I snatched it pretty quickly from Sela, because I was so thrilled! This is the second shutterfly book Daphne has made me this year,
i love that girl!

it was so precious, Sela opened 3 presents that were stuffed animals and each time she would give them a few kisses each before she opened another present.

cupcakes & gelato-

Sela’s amazement at Kiana lighting the candles…
i love how she closed her eyes at her small attempt to blow-out the candles…

our family-

prizes & party favors-Thank you, so warmly, to all our friends & family who sela-brated with us! Many of you know, I LOVE to plan parties, but the party would not be anything special without all of you.


12 responses to “Selabration #2”

  1. That party was the cutest party of the YEAR!! I loved it!
    Thank you so much for being an amazing little host.

    I absolutely loved Daph’s Book about Sela’s Birth, what an amazing Present!

    I am taking lots of notes for my Little girls parties! It’s hard when you have Boy/girl Twins to do something so girly so Ivy will get some SUPER Girly Parties!

  2. Wow! That is a selabration! You guys definately know how to party. She is so precious. I LOVED the picture of her blowing out her candles with her eyes closed.

  3. I just had to see the pictures from the party. I just knew it would be adorable! I LOVE the cupcakes – especially the jumbo one! Just darling!

  4. Janie,
    I cant believe that Sela is two !! oh how time flies ! It looks like the party was a hit and the cupcakes were ADORABLE !!! You really are amazing !! loves

  5. What a cute party. I taught Sela’s toddler class and wondered why she wasn’t there. Myla told me it was her birthday. I loved the “cupcake” cake, so adorable. Someday I will plan a party as well as you….. Someday:)

  6. That is the cutest party EVER!! I LOVE her cupcake cake it is so cute!! Happy Birthday Sela!! YOu did an awesome job sela-brating your beautiful 2 year old Jane!!

  7. What a cute party, I love everything about it, the CUTE CUTE cake, banner and party hat. You sure know how to do a party. Can I hire you for Taytem’s first birthday? Happy Birthday Sela she is adorable.

  8. Martha seriously has nothin on you! You do throw the best parties. We had so much fun and Lilly loved all the things for the little kids. And of course love those cupcakes!

  9. Okay, those cupcakes (especially the giant one) are to die for! Sela must have had so much fun. Happy Birthday, Sela!

  10. thank you for your sweet comment! so nice to hear.
    and after looking at all these photos of this birthday, i must say- i wish i was there! those cupcakes!! brilliant.
    you totally need to take home an award. amazing.

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