maybe she’s really eleven, now…

after a weeks worth of festivities…parties, cupcakes, cake, special meals, and gifts…totally how I believe every birthday should be celebrated: a few days of complete spoiling! our baby girl is really eleven years old today…

Kiana chose Sammy’s for lunch and Tepanyaki’s for dinner. We had birthday cake {from the sweet tooth fairy} and gifts from the family.

After dinner Kiana, Eli, and Ethan went to see “Mall Cop,” while Danny, Dusty, and I went to see “TAKEN.” wow. wow. wow.
could Liam Neeson be any more sexy fighting to get his daughter back? I mean, uncontrollable HOT. I don’t believe I would normally find him attractive, but dang, kick butt like he does and that is, wow. could killing bad guys be any sweeter? holy schmoly, TAKEN was awesome!

happy birthday bear, you are one of the most tender, sweetest things in my life.

i love you.

your momma

8 responses to “maybe she’s really eleven, now…”

  1. I love how all our kids have a week long birthday!! You are the cutest mom ever. Gorgeous Cake!! I love the Sweet tooth fairy bakery too, I got the cutest Valentines cupcakes from them.

    Sounds like a super fun weekend. I think you are now caught up on all of your Movies! haha

  2. That cake and the decorations are adorable! It must have hurt to cut into that cake.
    p.s. LOVE the new ‘do!

  3. I agree on the week long celebrations! I love the cake, and I love your new haircut! It is darling!

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