Selabration #2

October 3, 2008

Our little cupcake turned TWO today!

We spoiled her rotten all day, and enjoyed every second of it!

the party…
Sela’s very own cupcake cake: Selabration #2!

musical chairs
{I love kiana’s hair & motion in this picture}

pin the tail on the donkey-
Kiana was giving Sela instructions on where the tail goes…
{for the little-little kids it was an option to use the blind fold!}

Kiana was right by Sela’s side or holding her the entire party,


I do not venture into American Fork very often these days. I notice from I-15 that alot of new restaurants/stores have moved in, but I haven’t actually been there for quite some time.

I went up to Highland to one of my favorite places, “Dear Lizzy” to check out any new merchandise this afternoon while wanting to buy Sela some barrettes they sell that are some of my favorites. Then I met up with my pal Susan BLAND a.k.a. Spicy…her latest nickname from me. This girl can pack in the spice when she eats, stuff that sends my mouth a-burning she eats like chocolate. So, in opposition to her last name, I have nicknamed her spicy, plus she’s got the same hairdo as the original spicegirl,


Kiana is in a total of 8 shows, #3 & 4 were today – We dropped her off early and hit a place called, “Toasters” for sandwiches, they were REALLY good. They sprinkled basalmic vinegar on the bread, really adds some zest! After her matinee, we headed up to “Backer’s Pastry Shop.” Charming!These cookies were beautiful (as their sign reads), I bought a “rocket ship” for KJ and a “santa” for Myla. As soon as we got home and I gave it to KJ he was blasting it off with sound effects all over the house!The cupcakes were scrumptious!Then we hit a strip of Antique stores (we met our antique store quota for the year.) Dusty found a few ancient “Root beers”



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