cheers to 11 years

kiana and twenty-five of her girlfriends, plus the howell boys, and family totaling about thirty-five people celebrated pre-teen style for her 11th birthday…

the invitations-i ordered these movie ticket invitations here, and i think they have a good selection of things for the older-kid-crowd.

the party-

“Confessions of a shopaholic!”it was Sooooo cute!
we had nearly half of the theater filled with our group, a few popcorn fights broke-out…when someone was kissing they would clap and cheer! They would yell “woot-woo!” at all the lovey-dovey parts…they were so much fun!
the new cinemark theaters near our home have a party room you can reserve, it was great for keeping the party out of our home and all in one spot. And, it had only been used once before us, so it was very clean! It fit the size of our group perfectly…

Kiana was given so many adorable gifts, one of which was this really cute “money” ring from Sunni,
such an original gift –
she made an origami ring out of money and drew a cute little flower on the top. Kiana wore the ring all afternoon!
We had Kiana’s favorite pizza – cheese pizza from sbarro

and Kiana’s favorite cupcakes – from dear lizzy
With a serious case of the giggles, kiana had a bit of a challenge trying to get all eleven candles blown out!
me and my baby girl, where has he time gone?
my “girls,” i think they are looking more and more alike as they get older. Myla was such a sweetheart, she sat on the gift table directly behind Kiana during most of the party. She was her little personal helper. She refused to do anything else but help her. I love seeing my girls be so happy and excited for each other when something special is going on in their lives… Kiana was so excited Myla had done so well at her ballroom competition and Myla was thrilled at helping Kiana with her party.

this is how the boys stayed entertained at a very girlie party, the nintendo DS! I must say, each boy was a very g
ood sport to be participating in the party and I never once heard a complaint!
sela & hannah enjoying those HUGE slices of pizza!

kiana’s beautiful & sometimes crazy dance friends-

kiana’s cute friends from ivy hall academy-

kiana’s neighborhood friends, and total sweethearts-

our adorable family friend mckenna, with kiana – they didn’t want a silly picture!
the little shoppers “keepsakes” –
we had party favors that included Victoria’s secret PINK dog, a victoria’s secret PINK lollipop, a perfume sample of “pink sugar,” a hello kitty MAC lip-gloss {the hot new item for MAC}, and a cd – “Kiana’s Jams” including songs from the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack!I think they were a hit 🙂 thank you to all the sweet friends who came!
and here’s…cheers to 11 years, i love you baby girl!


14 responses to “cheers to 11 years”

  1. That looks like so much fun!! Sorry I couldnt come. I thought i could make it but the ballroom comp. went forever!! I will give kiana’s give to her on Monday!

  2. Oh i love that girl! Happy Birthday Kiana!
    Sounds like the Best Birthday party ever. I am loving that the Movie theater has a place to have a Party!
    WOO HOO!!

  3. These are the best years with girls. They are still not too social, still like hanging out with mom, fun to shop and do things with, and not too much attitude. I wish they would just freeze and not grow older. What a fun party. And how great is the party room!

  4. Too much fun! I was actually there that day. I thought I saw Dusty and Sela when I was walking out from watching Confessions, but I was chatting with my sister so I didn’t stop to say hi. What a fun birthday idea. I hope she had a great time. I loved the movie, it was too cute!

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