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February 29, 2012

kiana’s birthday was yesterday. she’s 14.  i can’t wait till she’s sixteen, because we really need another driver in our family.  i feel like kiana has always been years ahead of her age, so she should be twenty.  yet, the idea that i only get her at home for four more years just breaks my heart. so, i’m happy to accept fourteen and the fact that it looks really good on her.

to celebrate, i planned a simple family breakfast. i realized as i downloaded the pictures i was obviously obsessed with the decor because i didn’t take any pictures of the food or our family, minus two pictures of kiana. for breakfast we had whole wheat crepes,


a web of love.

January 10, 2012

thank you for the birthday greetings & wishes! my day was filled with family, friends, and lots of good food!

to my surprise, i woke up* to our bedroom filled with a web of streamers! check this out:

the streamers & balloons were my daughters idea – but husband had to do the work! he worked 12:30-2:30am to get this all done! on instagram he said,

here’s some friendly advice:
1) putting tons of streamers up in pitch dark is extremely hard and probably quite amusing to someone watching! #decoratingfordummies
and 2) DON’T start by putting your lowest streamer up first #soreback

the tiara was sela’s idea!


i have been so touched by the warm welcome back i have received from you, my friends. i never expected so many sweet comments & emails. you are so awesome.

because of this, i want to give something back to you!

danyelle over at dandee-designs has inspired me. she does a fun giveaway on her birthday. on her 30th birthday she sent 30 of her favorite things to one reader.

i love giving gifts + it’s a fun way to send some appreciation love back to you!

here’s the deal… i want to include a few more readers than one. so,


99 red balloons…

December 29, 2011

did you like this song when you were growing up? i loved it. and, i’m still a fan. crank it up & maybe it will put a good little groove in your day.

another peek at myla’s red & peach birthday morning surprise —
there were 99 red balloons & 51 peach!

i like the german version too!

{photos by me.}



December 29, 2011

my myla is twelve, today. where the time has gone, i will never know. it’s still crazy to me that i have a teenager. but now that i have a teenager and a twelve year old – double the crazy.

my myla is so chill. we never have any idea what to get her for gifts because she’s totally happy with what she has… she never asks for anything. for this past christmas, the only thing she asked for – were free passes to skip school whenever she’d want to!

so, we kept her day simple but special. just to make sure she knows how loved she is!

moosey has also been fighting a cold the past few hours.