the paint bar

after myla woke up to balloons on her birthday,
had chocolate cake for breakfast & opened her gifts.

she also chose her birthday activity for the day…

we had dinner here, then planned an evening to paint fenway park at the paint bar!

it was the perfect painting for our family!
we will now have a gallery of 6 fenways in our home!

this was husbands first time to paint! and he was such a good sport! the entire class was about 2.5 hours, and sela is 5 & did great. about every 30 minutes you have a break, which was good for all of us… however, i do think sela has an above average attention span for her age – the paint bar recommends kids to be 7-8 years old to take a class. we all loved it & can’t wait to go back! i want to plan a girls night out here, i’d like to take my girls again. did you know you can reserve the studio for a birthday party! look here for their upcoming paintings schedule. {by the way, the paint bar is located in newton, ma. on route 16}

friends, have you ever done something like this? i know it’s a new craze across the country!

{photos by me. this is not a sponsored post.}

2 responses to “the paint bar

  1. are you kidding me??!! absolutely amazing paintings!! i am completely shocked at how awesome sela did! wow jane, you guys were born artists.
    What a cool idea! love it!

  2. i actually enjoyed it… however, i must say that is probably because, 1- you took care of the little one’s direction. 2- we painted fenway. 3- yummy beverages. 4- it was my baby’s bday wish!

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