vignettes from boracay

December 4, 2011

what or where is boracay, you ask…

from my friend wikipedia, it is… “an island of the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards numerous times. Boracay was awarded in the “Travelers’ Choice 2011″ by TripAdvisor as the second best beach (out of 25) in the world. Boracay made a debut appearance on the Top 10 Islands list in the Travel + Leisure travel magazine World’s Best Awards 2011, ranking fourth.”

and how did we get there?

well, we spent a night in manila…


♥ big papi ♥

December 4, 2011

…because we were traveling over husband’s birthday, the kiddos celebrated with him before we left on our trip.

lots of homemade love to celebrate his special day!


selabration #5

October 4, 2011

this year, we are having our-family-only birthday parties. which is a brand-new party philosophy for us rhodes. each kiddo will get to help plan their special day, and i hope each one chooses something unique for our first year here in boston. sela’s original request – the american girl store. we didn’t have this store in utah, so i truly dodged it with my older girls. i never even let them know it existed. however, they were fans of build-a-bear which is somewhat of a trade. but, our last child – sel-bels – she is a doll lover. so, it’s totally appropriate we cave for her. ::smiles:: and, our new local mall, which i swear is the best mall on the planet,



October 1, 2011


our little miss has a birthday this weekend,
and in true rhodes style, we have already started to celebrate!

here’s what i think about birthdays, holidays, and any special occasion in general:  celebrate .  live in the moment, love those around you, and be extraordinarily happy that you have all of these things to cherish.  another year is a big deal.  miss four has been waiting forrrr-everrrrr to turn five.  each time we’ve mentioned her birthday for two months we all do jumping jacks, and start squealing about how much fun it’s going to be & how exciting it is…  and, it is.  life is so full of reasons to celebrate.



happy birthday…

May 24, 2011

{daphne & i, ballroom team at suu, 1995}

…she has graced this little blog of mine many a times.
and she has been one of my besties since freshman year at suu.
and a roommate for one of those years…
she is a very good, genuine and loving person…
who has seen me at my worst {too many times to count}
and still loves me.

happy thirty-five, my chicka!



eight years ago, this little man came into our life.

and on wednesday of this week, we celebrated our gator, in true-kj-fashion with all of his favorite things…

blue + turquoise + stripey things everywhere + donuts + texas cake + ice cream dots + cream soda + hawaiian punch + lots of boy-inspired gifts such as lego’s/rockets/nerf guns/and balloons stuffed with money! + all the people he loves + video games.

the day was beautiful. weather around here is sketchy in springtime. rain or snow one day & sunshine the next. and, we’ve had lots of the rain & snow lately.

but, wednesday?

the clouds flew away and the sun was bright.



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