turning eight years old, kj style…

eight years ago, this little man came into our life.

and on wednesday of this week, we celebrated our gator, in true-kj-fashion with all of his favorite things…

blue + turquoise + stripey things everywhere + donuts + texas cake + ice cream dots + cream soda + hawaiian punch + lots of boy-inspired gifts such as lego’s/rockets/nerf guns/and balloons stuffed with money! + all the people he loves + video games.

the day was beautiful. weather around here is sketchy in springtime. rain or snow one day & sunshine the next. and, we’ve had lots of the rain & snow lately.

but, wednesday?

the clouds flew away and the sun was bright. just like our little mans smile.

i loved that kj had a sis on each side of him, he will be well-cared for his entire life…

every party needs a couple of princesses!

mmm mmm mmmmm, check out sela’s donut & livi’s pizza!

our entertainment arrived at 5pm & the kids were able to play video games for 2 hours! the utah party truck comes to you, it’s totally rad!

inside the gaming truck— there are 4 plasma tv’s, and 16 people can be playing at once. 4 per tv. we had one set-up with a wii, and 3 on xbox 360. each had different games going on & the kids loved it! gamer heaven.

funny thing about this picture below… until i saw it, i didn’t know that kj made this little mouth-gesture when he games. his big papi does the exact same thing! life father, like son. they suck-in their cheeks and kinda chew on them or something, but what does it mean? they are serious about what’s going on & concentrating!

if you are interested in reserving the utah party truck for your next event, mention ‘see jane blog’ and you will receive a 10% discount! join the fun & gamers!


thank you to everyone who celebrated with us. i know a weekday in april is busy for everyone! soccer games/baseball games/school…you all made kj’s day so special. he said, and i quote, “this is the best birthday ever!”

we love you all.

10 responses to “turning eight years old, kj style…”

  1. I have never seen ANYONE throw birthday parties like you do! I love just looking at them, and I love the happy energy from your blog. I think we would all love to be more like you!! 🙂

  2. I love all of your posts! What a super fun party! Seth said " Jane is so fun and always has the greatest ideas, birthdays and Easter!" I completely agree!

  3. The party turned out perfect!! I loved all the blue, and the boys in their blue shirts. KJ is such a doll, we are really, really, really going to miss him….and the rest of you too!
    BTW your blog is the second one I had to look at today and see a pregnant picture of myself, SICK! At least I make the rest of you look GOOD! I would have totally picked to stand by me too 🙂

  4. The decorations look amazing! I love the blue theme and I can imagine how excited the gamers were to see what was inside that trailer!

    Can I just say how jealous I am that you have those incredible Utah mountains "in your backyard"?! So beautiful.

  5. best thing about that truck was that it came with free babysitting! 🙂 great pics baby! I agree with Natasha… we are going to miss those mountains in a few months.

  6. I come from a family of girls, and just had my first baby boy 10 weeks ago. Your adorable, naughty, sweet little KJ makes me so excited to see what my little Jack has in store for me! Darling party. You did it again! 🙂

  7. What a great gaming truck – I am going to book it for Carson's Birthday in September (thanks for the idea)! The party looked like it was a great time.

  8. so.much.fun!

    love all the pictures, it was actually a very low key party. not the usual craziness that comes with a boy's birthday party!

    perfect for KJ… finally a gaming party! 😉

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