selabration number seven! {doll birthday party} + giveaway

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our baby girl turns seven officially, in two days. october 2nd. and, my heart is honestly hurting. this past year she really grew-up – i watched it happen. she made the transition from little girl to big girl, she lost so many of her baby teeth, and her big teeth just keep coming in, and she is taller – looks older – acts older. sela is truly something special. she holds our hearts so close to hers – she loves with such pure, gentle, kind, genuine unselfishness. she is so aware of those around her and so incredibly thoughtful. because of this sweet soul, any celebrations held in her honor are infused with an endless appreciation and excitement for what we do for her – she hugs us and thanks us so many times afterwards (and before!) that you want to just do it all again. and for this love we will selabrate for years and years to come…

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for this years selabration, sela requested a doll party. actually, sela has been begging for this party for about three years now – ever since her first visit to an american girl doll store in boston. i’ve been dodging the requests all this time, and finally caved this year to host the same type of party, but not at an american girl doll store – we don’t have one here in utah – so, we hosted the party in our home. i used invitations from minted, and set up our home to look like a little cafe for girls and dolls – each girl was asked to bring their favorite doll to the party. some brought silicone baby dolls which were so realistic that I forgot they were toys at times.

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we served a few of sela’s favorites: french fries, fruit, finger-sized pb & honey sandwiches, frosted animal cookies, pink wafer cookies, and sodas.

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sela is an artist at heart, and also requested we have crafts. i prepared two activities with this in mind. first, each girl threaded bakers twine with her own needle {we were very safe} and made a felt ball necklace with large felt balls for themselves and a matching necklace with mini felt balls for their dolls. it was to-die-for! and so fun to see each girl so proud of themselves for making the necklaces!

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next, i had prepared paper doll garlands for each girl. i also designed paper clothing for the dolls. each girl was given a small paper bag with the garland + nine pieces of paper clothing to design outfits for each doll including glasses, hats, and bows. using glue sticks, it was so cute to watch the little fashionistas at work! this was a total hit!

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i was so lucky to have a few sets of extra hands at the party helping me! my girlfriends {husband + older daughters!} saved the day! because of everyone’s help – sela had a very happy afternoon celebrating with her closest girlfriends and their dolls. each guest took home their doll seat, crafts, and at least two hugs from sela. she’s a super lovey one.

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and the rest goes something like a good party means the house gets trashed. i’m still picking up from the house being overtaken by little ladies and their dolls, but it was worth it – remembering just how incredible these past seven years have been…

another birthday. more love.

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party details

photographer: becky kimball
cake: stacia ross {local}
maypole felt balls.
wooden doll table seats: moi – handmade with the help of my incredible husband and our best friend danny.
party hats, paper dolls + clothing: handmade by yours truly.



this was such a fun party to plan – one of my favorite details are the wooden doll seats. i would love to give TWO seejaneblog readers each a seat! to enter: just leave a comment below, and the winners will be announced on the bottom of this post October 15th!

good luck!


the winners are:

doll chair winners via seejaneblog

congrats Jenn and Theresa! please contact me soon – – with your shipping address, so these can be put in the mail to you!

50 responses to “selabration number seven! {doll birthday party} + giveaway”

  1. What an adorable party with so many fun ideas. You are so talented. My daughter turns seven, also, in less than a few weeks. She would absolutely die over one of those fabulous little doll chairs! πŸ™‚ please pick me πŸ™‚

  2. What a sweet little party! Happy Seventh, Sela! I always love your details, they’re just perfect. I bet those little girls were over the moon with their little doll seats! I saved my childhood American Girl dolls for my future girls (Samantha, Addy & Kirsten) and totally bought another Samantha off of eBay when I found out I was having twin girls. I mean, they both need to have a Samantha, right?! (Lovely prego hormones!) so yes, we’d love to win a doll seat! (Or two, lol, that’s how we roll. Two of everything, always!)

  3. I have a love hate relationship with birthdays because it means my babies are getting older!!! Ah my heart hurts just thinkin about it ;)! I love following you on Instagram and being inspired by you as a mom!! I’m totally copying this party idea for my daughter at her 7th birthday in 6 mos :)!!!!

  4. What an amazing party! My five year old would love, love, love a party like this. You are an extraordinary mom! Wow!!

  5. Happy birthday to Sela! That party looked dreamy! Such a good idea for little girls! Would love to win one of those adorable seats for my little girl! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  6. My daughter is getting her first American Girl Doll this year for Christmas (she is 5)! She would love to have a chair for her new doll. Darling party!

  7. I am just truly amazed by your talent! You have such a gift! My daughter would be in heaven with this party ; ) She requested to have her birthday (in 3 weeks, also turning 7) party at the American Girl store and I so wish I could pull a party like this off!! I hope you r sweet Sela had a wonderful time and a happy birthday!!

  8. LOVE the simplistic yet {undeniably} stylish and sentimental nature of this party! I found your blog a few months ago and am now an avid follower. You truly have the best taste and a knack for all things beautiful, in home dΓ©cor and beyond! How were the doll chairs attached to the table? Such a sweet idea! And they look so well-made! Did that take your husband weeks to accomplish??

    Also really liked the party hats–super cute and feminine! Were they kept in place by hair pins? As always, such unique ideas! Thanks so much for sharing, Jane, and always spreading the creativity ‘wealth’ πŸ™‚ Happy, happy birthday to Sela tomorrow!

  9. I love everything about this party! I’m definitely remembering this for a future birthday for my little girl.

  10. Is it weird that I want that doll seat for me? Time to bring out my childhood American Girl doll… πŸ˜‰

  11. Amazing. I love the little details. I would love that chair. I mean, my daughter would love one of those chairs!

  12. Eeek! I was so excited to see this giveaway on Instagram. My little girls would LOVE those doll seats. I am in awe of your creativity. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. Sela must have been in heaven!!

  13. My little 6-year old turns 7 in three weeks and would love, love, love this! We are actually bringing both of our daughters to the AG store in Natick to celebrate their big days, but oh to have one at home….so sweet. You throw a good party, Jane.

  14. I have all girls and they fell in love with your party post. Thanks for sharing an amazing 7th birthday party for your little girl.

  15. I’m not a mom yet – but your party ideas alone are enough to reinforce in me that I will be so excited for this chapter in my life. In the meanwhile, i have plenty of little nieces that i love to spoil.

  16. Love your parties! One day, you can invite ME to be a helper. πŸ™‚ My ONE daughter would love one of those seats…here’s hoping for good luck on seejaneblog again! πŸ™‚ xoxo!

  17. I love your parties! I’ve been reading up on then trying to figure out my daughter’s 1st birthday. They seem so effortless yet so charming. You’ve got party throwing skills for sure! Thanks for the chance to win that cute seat! My girls would love it!

  18. What a darling party! I always love seeing the parties you throw for your kids- it’s easy to see the love that goes into them. You’re such a great mom!
    *I don’t need to be entered into the giveaway because I don’t have a little girl, but I just wanted to comment on how much I love your blog!

  19. This is so adorable! Every little girls dream. I love every little detail. Sela is one lucky little lady. Great job momma!

  20. I love your parties! I am actually taking my two nieces to AG for their birthdays next week! They will be 5 & 7. The chair would be a great way for them to enjoy their new dolls at home.

    Thank you for all the great ideas!

  21. You throw the most elaborate parties and I love it!!! I have boys, but would love to win the chair for my darling niece named Jane.

  22. Happiest birthday Sela! Her party looks amazing. I love all your cute ideas, especially the felt ball necklaces. You even thought of the dolls, too. Genius. My three year old would go crazy over a little doll chair for her teddy bear.

  23. This party is adorable!! I have a 3 year old who loves dolls and a seat would be perfect!! Crossing our fingers!!

  24. This is beyond darling. I love every little detail but what makes this truly great is all of the love that you put into it and all the love you feel from it. Thanks for being such an inspiring Mama!! –Natalie

  25. Oh my little girl is getting her first American girl doll for her birthday on oct 21…one of your sweet chairs would be the perfect addition!!! Super inspiring!!

  26. Hi friend! Just thinking about you today!
    Super great party… and I’m so jealous that you have the perfect brick wall backdrop for every photo… right in your house…

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