happy fifteen.

March 1, 2013

i don’t even know where to begin.
and so i sit here, just staring at the screen, wanting so badly to be able to take this storm of feelings and find words that are worthy.

my baby girl turned fifteen years old yesterday.

DIY marquee letters, birthday party via seejaneblog

for starters, we had our traditional family celebration pre-breakfast…

tower of donuts in place of a cake, via seejaneblog

we are following a new trend to have a tower of donuts in place of a cake… for now, our kiddos seem to love it. {and it saves time!}

number toppers, via seejaneblog

party favors for the younger siblings…

poof balls party favors via seejaneblog

fifteenth birthday via seejaneblog

antlers plus party decor via seejaneblog

yesterday was a really rough day emotionally.


a very happy birthday.

January 10, 2013

we celebrated my 37th birthday yesterday, and when i think about making a wish, i really can’t think of much else i want right now. {there are always little things i hope for, …} but when i honestly think about it, my husband and kids all healthy and happy to wake up to snuggling each day… makes me cry happy tears to myself sometimes. i could never wish for more.

after starting the day with snuggles, and getting the kids to school i had my morning cup of tea, followed by a 75 minute hot yoga class, oatmeal, a long hot shower, a hair appointment, lunch with my husband and kiddos at a favorite family restaurant. an afternoon nap,


a birthday party, for myla.

December 29, 2012

we had a little party for my myla, just her closest friends and family. myla is something special – she is not fond of too much attention, or anyone causing a fuss over her… she never asks for gifts at christmas or her birthday. which makes celebrating her all the more fun, because she’s so easy to please!

this girl is a creative soul who likes simple traditions. so i mixed a few of our family traditions with a few extra artsy details to plan her party.

to start, i hired a local caricature artist, mike horvath to draw portraits at her party. this was a lot of fun. the kids all loved it!


yesterday was husbands birthday. and, without really talking about it, we’ve started this thing where, for birthdays, father’s day and any day we celebrate him, we let him choose everything we do… what meals we have, where we go, some sort of outing, or lack of, etc.

big papi was easy. he went to his first Patriot’s game at gillette stadium on sunday, he cooked for us on the eve of his birthday, followed by monopoly with the kiddos, then snuggled up with the kids he watched spiderman.  on his birthday we ate lunch at his restaurant of choice, and finished the evening with the new James Bond movie.

i’ve come to believe, husband was Bond in a previous life.


party animals!

October 2, 2012

my sela-bella is six today! and i’m not sure why, maybe because she started kindergarten, but turning six has been a big deal for this girl. she’s been talking about it for months! so, we celebrated like party animals!

for this party, i wanted an invitation that appeared 100% custom and unique, but i didn’t want to do all the work myself.  so, this is what i did: i had a mini photo shoot at home with sela:

to make homemade confetti: use a 1″ hold punch + tissue paper colors of your choice. I recommend having the tissue paper folded in at least 4-6+ layers when punching the holes.


well well, what do we have? one of my favorite color combinations yet? it looks that way! mixing brights with neutrals:

party details!

1. i covered the table with brown kraft paper.
2. using two large neon green poster boards i cut them down to smaller sizes to be used as placemats.
3. i added striped washi tape to hold the placemats in place + wrapped the utensils with tape too for a little extra detail. can you tell i love taping stuff?   {purchased locally, found online here.}
4. i  made those happy name place cards using this font.



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