my myla is twelve, today. where the time has gone, i will never know. it’s still crazy to me that i have a teenager. but now that i have a teenager and a twelve year old – double the crazy.

my myla is so chill. we never have any idea what to get her for gifts because she’s totally happy with what she has… she never asks for anything. for this past christmas, the only thing she asked for – were free passes to skip school whenever she’d want to!

so, we kept her day simple but special. just to make sure she knows how loved she is!

moosey has also been fighting a cold the past few hours. right now she has the deep raspy voice with no other symptoms but she feels like something is comin’ on… we’re hoping she will be healthy again soon so her birthday week isn’t ruined with a bug. because after all, we must celebrate for more than a day!

{balloon inspiration here, gift wrapping here. cake plates & candles from target!}

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