kj has decided that baseball is his one and only love when it comes to team sports. so, this year he has played spring ball, summer league, and now fall ball! he also takes training classes every week at an indoor baseball center. big papi helped coach when he was in town:

this was our funnest league so far. more practices, more games, and! it was KJ’s first time to travel to an out of town tournament. there is nothing i love more than sitting at a ball park and watching my little guy play baseball. warms my heart.



July 2, 2012

I have a whole lotta catching up to do with this blog + our new home. spring is so busy as a family. At least, that is my opinion – you have more sports being played + end-of-year-everything-recitals-programs + it’s the kids’ last chance to finish school work and/or improve grades + spring fever…

so, here it goes, a little review of what the kiddos did this spring:

sell-bells finished her first year on a dance company, she had three competitions and has decided to take a year off from the scene. she loved performing and getting trophies but also thinks it’s a little too much work. so, we’ll take a year off and go back another year.


the red sox are celebrating fenway park’s 100th birthday this year. on april 20th we attended the game that was the official party. anyone who has ever played for the sox were invited to return + there was a patriotic-tear-dripping-jets-flying-overhead ceremony for the hour before the game started. it was beautiful. the sox were playing the nyy, and both teams wore vintage uniforms. it was very cool. a day in baseball history to remember. husband and i went with miss fourteen + danny.

before the game started, everyone was given sparkling apple cider to toast to another 100 years at fenway. cheers to our beloved team! there really is something magical about baseball games at fenway.


fenway park, tour…

December 18, 2011

when the howell boys were visiting, we headed to fenway for a tour…

fingers crossed we get to go to a bruins game before this season ends!

fenway park tours, click here for more info!


dear readers, my images/photos lately look a bit grainy & i haven’t changed anything on my side. do they look this way on your screens? please let me know… thanks! xoxo.


fall ball

October 1, 2011

we are thoroughly enjoying autumn in the northeast, it’s like this was the birthplace of fall.
there is a town near us – stowe, vermont, that is known as a tourist destination this time of year – just to go view the foliage.

seriously – like going to hawaii for the sun & beach, you go to stowe to see orange leaves, people! amazing.

i’m not sure if we’ll make it to stowe this year, but our own front yard is putting on quite the show right now…

when i sit on our front porch, i just watch one leaf after another tumble to the ground. it’s beautiful – relaxing.

in the spirit of fall,


the temple

September 27, 2011

…each time we are driving on the massachusetts turnpike, there comes a certain point that husband says,

“there’s….the temple!”

and, each time i look up – looking for the temple.

only, each time i’m just-dyed-blonde-enough to fall for his little game.

because, obviously, he means… fenway park. his temple. ::smiles::

the kids totally know what he’s talking about, they don’t even acknowledge his little joke anymore.

the last time we passed, i grabbed my camera to try & snap a couple pictures while we passed,
because i do love this view of fenway.

i didn’t get the best shot since we were driving so fast…