fall ball

we are thoroughly enjoying autumn in the northeast, it’s like this was the birthplace of fall.
there is a town near us – stowe, vermont, that is known as a tourist destination this time of year – just to go view the foliage.

seriously – like going to hawaii for the sun & beach, you go to stowe to see orange leaves, people! amazing.

i’m not sure if we’ll make it to stowe this year, but our own front yard is putting on quite the show right now…

when i sit on our front porch, i just watch one leaf after another tumble to the ground. it’s beautiful – relaxing.

in the spirit of fall, kj is playing fall ball!

he’s on the Cincinnati Reds…

{i’m not sure if i’ll ever get over the large green trees as our backdrop for life, here in new england}

kj’s team plays on a variety of fields around our neighborhood, but this adorable one below caught our eye the first time we drove through town…

love those brick dugouts, so dang cool!

sela is a loyal fan… to kj’s games & the playground.

the team has 14 players, and only three of them are 3rd graders, the rest are 4th…  so, the first time kj was put in at first base, i was so nervous — and he did SO great! he has a great understanding of the strategies of baseball, thanks to his big papi, he’s had lots of at-home training. ::winks::

cheers to fall – get out your sweaters, and snuggle up with those you love!!!


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  1. “snuggle up”… advice to be taken!!

    hey… one thing inconvenient about this site is that you have to go back to main page after you comment. It would be nice if you could comment and then continue viewing the same page/website. When you go back you start over at the top. Maybe have a link after you comment that takes you right back where you were. Just ideas… 🙂

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