I have a whole lotta catching up to do with this blog + our new home. spring is so busy as a family. At least, that is my opinion – you have more sports being played + end-of-year-everything-recitals-programs + it’s the kids’ last chance to finish school work and/or improve grades + spring fever…

so, here it goes, a little review of what the kiddos did this spring:

sell-bells finished her first year on a dance company, she had three competitions and has decided to take a year off from the scene. she loved performing and getting trophies but also thinks it’s a little too much work. so, we’ll take a year off and go back another year. | myla has her first soccer season in new england – i just love a sporty girl with braids + ribbons.

myla’s traveling soccer team gave us a tour of some beautiful soccer fields around boston – some turf, some grass. always fun watching my girl do her thing.

sela had her first piano lesson & myla returned to lessons. i own my grandma’s piano, and it’s now over 60 years old. husband dislikes the fact that we have to move it every time we move, and the kids rarely practice – but it’s a part of our legacy and i’m not getting rid of it. ::smiles::

myla decided two spring sports were not enough {tennis + soccer} so she joined her middle school track team. the girls got wheels!

KJ played spring baseball on the Mariners. Big Papi was an assistant coach and this gave us a great opportunity to get to know more families in town. I love watching my little guy play – he likes playing 2nd base, catcher, and pitcher.

at the end of spring ball buddy had his first tryouts for summer travel league – i love how he gets into this sport. he always has full gear – the uniform, hat, sunglasses, a huge baseball bag – so profesh!

so proud of our oldest baby girl, kiana graduated from 8th grade in June, and had an 8th grade dance as part of the celebration. She has adjusted so well with our move this year + has met the cutest girls to be friends with + continues to be a good student.

we finished our spring events with a casual piano recital at our piano teacher’s home. sela and myla were so nervous – performing in front of strangers is not their favorite activity, but they both were so cute & did great!

I believe spring and summer brings out the very best times and possible memories for families – i hope yours are filled to the brim! xo.

{all photos by me.}

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  1. Is that what eight graders look like these days? yikes! The all look 20!
    Awesome pictures though!

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