see jane + family at fenway…

the red sox are celebrating fenway park’s 100th birthday this year. on april 20th we attended the game that was the official party. anyone who has ever played for the sox were invited to return + there was a patriotic-tear-dripping-jets-flying-overhead ceremony for the hour before the game started. it was beautiful. the sox were playing the nyy, and both teams wore vintage uniforms. it was very cool. a day in baseball history to remember. husband and i went with miss fourteen + danny.

before the game started, everyone was given sparkling apple cider to toast to another 100 years at fenway. cheers to our beloved team! there really is something magical about baseball games at fenway.

the next yankees game in the series, we took miss five. i just love her tagging along – she made sure to bring her straw handbag just like mommas. my heart breaks just a little each time i think about how fast the time is going to pass and she’s not going to be little anymore. she promises husband and i everyday she’s going to never get married & plans on living at home to take care of us. we’ll see if that pans out —

the only downer about these games, the sox broke our hearts. they do that. one of our friends called it, “fan abuse!”

but… they’re doing great now. we’ll see how the season goes, we’re just hoping it lasts longer than last year!

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{photos by me.}

2 responses to “see jane + family at fenway…”

  1. Great pictures, Im definitely going to a basketball game one day… looks like you had a great time, proper family fun!

  2. Love seeing photos of you all soaking up the New England sports scene. Looks like so much fun! And what Sela’s been saying is really really cute but I’m not so sure it’s going to work out either ;). She sounds like a really sweet kid!

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