we have become pros at getting last-minute-cheap-really-great-seats to the red sox games.

because, husband watches the prices plummet on stub hub when the weather reports rain.

lucky for us, the sox still play when it rains!

nancy, my life-saving-sister-in-law who drove across the country twice for us this summer…

yes, TWICE.

she totally deserved a night out to a game after her second arrival.

and, rain was in the forecast.

not only rain, but a hurricane!

{shorts + rainboots have become a staple outfit for me here in the warm-wet weather}

i’m sure i’ll post about this all the time…


{written by: our big papi}

For some devout fanatics it is a life time goal to worship at Mecca. I’ve heard stories of Muslims traveling for weeks to kneel to the East in prayer in this sacred city. July 28th was that day for us… of course I’d been to Mecca many times but never with my entire family.

Our trip started hours before on the internet where we watched StubHub faithfully for the impending ticket prices slashed because of the rain. Shortly before they closed the sales it happened and we were able to get all 6 of us within 4 rows of the field just behind the on deck circle for the price that it normally costs for 1.


Boston Red Sox baseball camp

September 10, 2011

kj was here in boston about five days, and he was off to red sox baseball camp. one week, 9-3 each day!

{big papi had him signed up long before we came…}

we attended a brief orientation on the sunday before he started – he met some of the coaches/camp assistants, and was given his uniform.

he was so thrilled to get his uniform, he got in our SUV, and in the backseat he changed his clothes to put it on before we pulled out of the parking lot!

so, in the picture above, i had him get back out of the car &


ohhhhh, the things you’ll do for your kids!

seriously. we are wearing yankee hats!


little league season is well underway, and would you believe our son was placed on the yankees team?!?

when he found out…

he freaked.

husband was out of town when i received the email, and as i gently broke the news to kj…

he freaked.

first, his eyes got really big.

then, he started saying, “i’m not gonna play! i’m not gonna play!”

then, he started crying.

then, i tried to convince him that he would love his team.


the sun shines bright & HOT + i got an awful sunburn + i met up with vivien who is a charming-fellow-blogger-art teacher-gal i met at alt., we had coffee and a 30-minute chat at the mall. the best part of alt., is the post-networking that has taken place, it feels like the adult version of having pen pals when i was a kid! seriously rad. i was teasing her for how tiny her coffee was -her 8 oz. versus my 32 oz. (i guess you need more caffeine as you get older {?}) + 2 red sox baseball games that included country tunes and line-dancing at the game!


happy weekend!

April 1, 2011

my husband has been at the big dance all week. this is one of the largest conventions all year for his company. and, the poor guy – right after he arrived in texas, he had to take himself to a hospital because he was so sick. we thought maybe he had strep throat, but come to find out, he had an ear infection in each ear & his left ear drum had burst! {not good to be flying in such a condition!}

i don’t know about other husbands, but mine does not fair well in pain. {wink, wink} and i’ve been very worried about him all week.

good news: lately,



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