“Dae Han Min Guk!”

since I went back to school, I also go back to spring break!

most of my spring break I was chanting,

“Dae Han Min Guk!” {Korea} bum-bum, bum-bum-bum!

or, “U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A!”

Dusty planned my spring break this past weekend for four full days of baseball games, movies, delicious food, and shopping…in Los Angeles.

We went to the world baseball classic. This was the/our 2nd world baseball classic, we also attended the first one three years ago in California. It’s a new-er tradition for us.

{all pictures compliments of Jared, I didn’t take my camera!}
maybe i love sitting at a baseball game…
The weather could have been nicer, but it wasn’t bad. It was warm in the afternoons and a little more chilly in the evenings. The games were all in Dodger stadium, and our trip was complete with Dodger Dogs!

the first game in the semi-finals, Venezuela played Korea. It was a really rowdy game and a total blast. Dusty and I went to one baseball game when we lived in South Korea and loved it. Koreans are bigs fans of baseball and even have cheerleaders who stand on top of the dug-outs and cheer the entire game! I used to die laughing at the Korean men sitting under the duggout checking out the cheerleaders…seriously. Korea didn’t bring their cheerleaders along for the trip, but we loved cheering for one of our favorite countries!

We planned the trip with three other couples, two are in the pictures with us-
jared/lissette/roxanna/michael/me/dusty, Brent and Melissa were also with us, but didn’t have seats near us so we missed getting any pictures of them.
It was so much fun to be surrounded by fellow Koreans and cheering with them.

The first two nights we were there, we did the same thing after the games. We headed to “the Grove,”an adorable shopping area with beautiful movie theaters and the Cheesecake factory! maybe I had corn tamales at the cheesecake factory TWICE in two days!

Our first night we saw, “I love you, man.” it has some funny moments, and terrible language.maybe we stayed up till 4am and slept in till 1pm…

The second semi-finals game was the U.S.A. vs. Japan…

check out those palm trees blowing in the wind! we were lucky with the seats we had, most the wind was blocked by the stadium.

maybe we went to the cheesecake factory again, and maybe we went to the movies again…
“duplicity.” so-so show, maybe i like clive owen, it has a good ending…

Korea and Japan made it to the Finals- since we couldn’t be cheering for the U.S.A., “Dae Han Min Guk!” was the next best!
Japan won,
with one extra inning. maybe I love extra innings.

thank you, Nancy {Dusty’s sis} for staying home with our kids so we could sneak away. you are the best!

Thanks babe for a fabulous trip,

7 responses to ““Dae Han Min Guk!”

  1. Wow, how fun! Brook and I want to do an adults only trip in the earlier part of summer. The Grove looks like my kind of place. And I certainly don’t blame you for eating at the Cheesecake Factory twice, yum!:)

  2. i didn’t realize when I first looked at the picture after we took it (the one you posted right after the palm trees), but the group of people in front of us was turned around and waving like they were in the picture…they were way into it!

    what a great trip…i’m glad you guys had room by you each game since our seats were closer, but worse!

    i’m craving the mushrooms we had both nights…mmmmmmm….mushrooms…..

  3. I knew that Japan had won because it was huge news over here of course but I didn’t realize the games were played in LA. How fun that you guys were able to go. Ry speaks Korean so I’ll have to chant that to him and see if he still knows anything!
    Fun trip.

  4. Looks like a blast! What a fun spring break! The Grove looks like my kind of place – shopping, cheesecake factory, and movies – it doesn’t get any better. For us old folk, that’s a total party night!

  5. How fun was this trip?? I’m going to hope that Troy doesn’t see your post because he will be so bummed out! 2012?

    I’m glad you got a fun break from school too. Are you taking the summer off?

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