mini bohemian snowwomen

January 26, 2016

mini snowmen wiht flower crowns - hippie snow squad via seejaneblogIn December I was taking a final and it was snowing outside. It had been snowing for days and I was DYING to be home playing with my kids instead of sitting in a classroom taking a test. And out of the blue I had this most random idea that this year when we made snowmen – we had to make mini snowmen with mini carrot noses. And, we would make mini flower crowns for them! It was the worst to sit in class and continue my test when all I could think about were cute mini bohemian snowwomen!!!  


a winters day at the beach…

February 25, 2013

as much as i love routine and traditions, i also love doing really random things that are brand new.

for example, going to the beach for a picnic in february…

a day at the beach in the winter via seejaneblog

winter picnic on the east coast via seejaneblog

playing wiffle ball on the beach via seejaneblog

KJ pitching wiffle ball on the beach via seejaneblog

winter picnic on nantasket beach via seejaneblog

wellies at the beach via seejaneblog

winter picnic at nantasket beach via seejaneblog

beach combing in the winter via seejaneblog

wellies and beanies on the beach via seejaneblog

Nantasket beach ma in february via seejaneblog

as i mentioned in my last post, my kiddos had a week long vacation. we spent our time playing with lots of friends, visiting museums, going to movies, and running around the beach in our wellies.


the blizzard of 2013

February 11, 2013

during our nineteen months in new england, we have lived through hurricane irene {and!}, hurricane sandy and now the biggest snow storm to hit new england in the past thirty years: nemo.

homemade bobsledding via seejaneblogpsd

myla created a homemade bobsled run. if you have the app: vine, there is a fun video on there of this moment!

the perk of extreme weather: our family is very content staying home together. meaning: we love it. really. no sarcasm here. our governor banned driving on saturday at 4pm until sunday at 4pm. luckily, our house was stocked with food and all we needed. more luck: we never lost electricity with this storm!


snow in boston!

December 30, 2012

two hours before myla’s birthday party, the first snowflakes started falling. by the time her party ended, and the guests were being picked up, we had about four inches of snow! {best birthday present for my girl ever!} then, by the next morning we had ten inches of fluffy, white goodness! one of the things we anticipated with moving to boston was to experience intense new-england-style-winters with a constant blanket of snow. so, we were slightly disappointed last year when we didn’t use a single snow day, and didn’t have hardly any snowfall the entire winter!

at bedtime, sela was outside:

snowing in boston

my happy panda

the next afternoon, i rallied husband to go out with me,


DIY: repotting little trees

November 27, 2012

this past october i was hired by burt’s bees baby to be the photography stylist for their holiday/spring lines. this was new territory for me that i quickly learned i was 100% prepared for. i loved every minute of the prep work and time spent on the shoot. i find total pleasure in working with other people who also think with the right side of their brains. friends, i may have found my calling in life! i had never really put two and two together, but i truly “style” all day long. everyday. i set-up little vignettes all-over our home – when we’re away from our home – when i blog –


before we drove up our driveway,
we had to take just a moment to pause and enjoy the untouched scenery.
my iphone camera does not do this justice.
everything is covered in a fresh six inches of snow.
with our home tucked away behind it all…

it is absolutely beautiful.