the blizzard of 2013

during our nineteen months in new england, we have lived through hurricane irene {and!}, hurricane sandy and now the biggest snow storm to hit new england in the past thirty years: nemo.

homemade bobsledding via seejaneblogpsd

myla created a homemade bobsled run. if you have the app: vine, there is a fun video on there of this moment!

the perk of extreme weather: our family is very content staying home together. meaning: we love it. really. no sarcasm here. our governor banned driving on saturday at 4pm until sunday at 4pm. luckily, our house was stocked with food and all we needed. more luck: we never lost electricity with this storm!

blizzard of 2013 via seejaneblogs home

we watched lots of tv, played monopoly, spent time outside shoveling snow, snow-blowing, and sledding. the neighborhood boys picked our house to be the hang-out headquarters, so i fed extra mouths at every meal. we matched the record breaking snow totals with record breaking laziness.

blizzard of 2013 seejaneblog

i hope everyone here in the northeast faired the storm well. remember punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this year, and spring should come early!

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

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