coming home from our date tonight,

before we drove up our driveway,
we had to take just a moment to pause and enjoy the untouched scenery.
my iphone camera does not do this justice.
everything is covered in a fresh six inches of snow.
with our home tucked away behind it all…

it is absolutely beautiful.

3 responses to “coming home from our date tonight,”

  1. It's so beautiful! Looks like a post card!

    I just took a picture this morning of ours too, it's always too beautiful to ruin!!

  2. Agreed! Last night/this morning I felt so sorry for all of the places that don't get to enjoy the snow. It's breathtaking!

  3. So pretty! When we get snow here, it's pretty for a few hours and then all the taxis ruin it and it just turns gross and muddy!

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