mini bohemian snowwomen

mini snowmen wiht flower crowns - hippie snow squad via seejaneblogIn December I was taking a final and it was snowing outside. It had been snowing for days and I was DYING to be home playing with my kids instead of sitting in a classroom taking a test. And out of the blue I had this most random idea that this year when we made snowmen – we had to make mini snowmen with mini carrot noses. And, we would make mini flower crowns for them! It was the worst to sit in class and continue my test when all I could think about were cute mini bohemian snowwomen!!!  

Sela and I finally had so much fun making these. We’re looking forward to making even more in the snow days ahead… now we want to make mini snowpeeps to drive around in her Barbie car, a mini snow fort – you name it, everything snow mini!!! The perk – making mini-snow things is way less work than HUGE snow things. Less overwhelming too.

Happy winter-ing, friends.minimalist snowman via seejaneblog
mini bohemian snowman via seejaneblog
mini snowmen with flower crowns and mini carrots via seejaneblog
mini minimalist snowmen via seejaneblog
mini boehmian snowman via seejaneblog
mini boho snowwoman via seejaneblog
mini snowwomen via seejaneblogPhotos by me, Jane Rhodes

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