Hey friends. On my last video post I had a few inquiries about how I create the videos. I’d love to give you a few tips, and answer ANY questions you have but keep in mind this is the short version of instructions!

1 – I use my iPhone 5S for ALL of my footage. (I am DYING to get my hands on the new iPhone 6 just because I hear the camera is so much better!!!) I shoot everything with my phone horizontally, always tipping my phone to the left – in the same direction each time I take a video. If you don’t shoot it the same way, you can later edit it and flip it around or zoom-in later in iMovie but it’s an extra step or two to do so.


laguna beach, california

September 22, 2014

This past July our family took a road trip to one of our favorite places on earth – Laguna Beach, California. My husband has family there, and each time we visit we dream of living there one day. If our future plans go as we hope they will – we’d like to move there in about four years – after Kiana and Myla have graduated from high school in Utah. Until then, I’ll just keep watching this video and dream of the day to come!

This is the first video I have ever created, so be easy on me. It’s a new hobby still in it’s early stages. But I’m so obsessed! I want to make videos all the time!!!


last september we had our family pictures by blue lily photography. at the same time they shot a little video of us. i absolutely adore those blue lily peeps, and if you haven’t checked out their siteyou should. they are currently touring the world teaching photography and shooting incredible photos in the process. they may be near you soon! they will be in boston again this Fall.

each time i watch this video i catch myself smiling from beginning to end. so many little things that you might not notice that happen every day in our family are caught on tape.

hope you enjoy the video.


party favor plants

July 18, 2012

hello my friends. i’m squeezing in an extra post here today to let you know i was featured on studio 5 on KSL in Utah yesterday. if you came to mingle with us in June, or you saw this post about upcycling cans for plants, i discuss these two ideas here on tv.

i really dislike watching and listening to myself speak on tv, i swear i don’t talk out of the side of my mouth like that – but it seems to be what i do and i’m in denial, or what i do when i’m nervous! eegads.}

{photo by me.}



March 6, 2012

there is a new awesome iPhone app on the scene. if you are a fan of instagram, and want to take that obsession into video. viddy allows you to create & share with your friends fifteen-second videos. like instagram, you can add a filter + music. i love it – the first day i downloaded the app i created these three videos below. {all three can be watched in less than one minute!}

green balloon

winter without snow

my tennis girlie

fun, yeah? are you on viddy? i can be followed as “see_jane”


fenway park.

September 30, 2011

we’re slowly making our way all-the-way-around-fenway-park.

fenway is so unique, did you know:

  • it was built in 1912 and opened on the same day the Titanic sunk {kinda eeery!}
  • Fenway Park was built to conform to the parcel of land that was allotted to it and the field’s resulting dimensions led to many of the ballpark’s unique features.
  • Most notably, there’s the 37-foot high Green Monster – the most recognized piece of ballpark architecture in the world – which spans 240 feet before giving way to the area known as the triangle in center field. — The Green Monster has undergone a major transformation in recent years, capped by the 2003 addition of 274 seats atop it.



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