“I like you sew much” valentine

see_jane_valentine_still06Our little sela has been in a sewing phase for quite some time now – she’s all about creating her own fashions for her dolls, and any other toy objects around our home that beg for hand-sewn creations. So, a couple of weeks ago I was sitting in one of my art history classes this semester when I had this idea: Sela needs a sewing-card valentine and from that idea, this printable evolved!

Hopefully, some of you know children who will enjoy these too!

You can find the printable for one dollar in my shop.

To make:

  1. Print the valentine on white card stock.
  2. Trim the cards using a paper cutter, and sign!
  3. Use a 1/8″ hole punch to punch out all the dots on the heart.
  4. Choose yarn, leather, or your sewing thread of choice – if you use leather, you don’t need a yarn needle, it’s thick and sturdy enough to be pushed through the holes on it’s own!
  5. Cut the yarn into 12″ pieces, and tape one end to the back of the valentine with washi tape.
  6. Thread plastic needles onto the yarn and wrap it around the card – it’s all set!

I purchased plastic lacing needles: HERE on Amazon, a pack of 40 is approx. $5 with PRIME shipping – order them now to have in time for valentines day!  If you live near a craft store – JoAnn’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc – you can find yarn needles typically 2/$3.00.  It’s a MUCH better deal to get them on amazon.
I like you sew much! valentine download via seejaneblog.com

Graphic by: Lovely Lindsay. Photography and stop motion video by: Trisha Zemp.

5 responses to ““I like you sew much” valentine”

  1. Those are so super cute!

    I’ve been reading it “See-la” all these years. Maybe I am reading Kiana and Myla wrong too? How do you pronounce their names?

  2. I love these and bought it from your shop but never got a download or an email with it. Could you please email me it? I just sent you an email.

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